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Homebrew Rules List

Forever Fallout Homebrew List

  Our game has a whole lot of homebrew rules, distinct from the Fallout 2d20 core book from Modiphius. Available now!

Core Rules

    Luck Point Use Restriction: Only one Luck Point can be spent per character per Scene. The only exception being a Dying Test. When a character rolls their END + Survival to resist death, that character may spend any number of Luck Points they wish.
    Lucky Timing: Spending 1 Luck Point to interrupt another's action still operates as usual. Additionally, the character's Initiative rating is raised by 13 for the rest of the Scene.


  New Action: Covering Fire (Major Action)
Expend the ammo for one normal attack with a Ranged Weapon. Roll the appropriate attack (AGI+Small Guns, for example). The Difficulty is set by rolling the END+Survival of the enemy Character in the Zone with the highest Target Number. Other enemies in the Zone may assist with either END+Survival or CHA+Speech. If successful, every Character in the Zone suffers +1 Difficulty to all attacks until the end of the attacker's (the character who performed the Covering Fire action) next Turn. Any character who leaves the Zone is no longer affected by the Covering Fire and no longer suffers the Difficulty penalty. Multiple instances of Covering Fire stack.
    New Attack Option: Add Knockdown
Any attack with a Melee or Unarmed weapon can add a Knockdown option. Make an attack as usual, adding +1 to the Difficulty for Knockdown. If the attack overcomes the enemy's Armor and results in HP loss, and at least 1 Effect is rolled on the Damage Dice, the target is knocked to the ground Prone. This can be resisted by a STR+Ath Test, with a Difficulty equal to the number of Effects rolled on the attacker's Damage Dice. Alternatively, Knockdown can be resisted by spending a number of AP equal to the number of Effects rolled.
    Multiple Moves: Any character is able to use all of their Actions to move. They may enact up to 2 Minor Action Moves and 2 Major Action Sprints for a total of 6 zones.
    Injury Chance: Landing a Critical Hit (by doing 5 damage to a Hit Location, or 6 to a character with Adamantium Skeleton, or 7 to a Big creature) does not automatically cause an Injury. A second roll is made on a single Damage Die. Only if an Effect is rolled, the Hit Location sustains an Injury.
    Multiple Injuries: Multiple Injuries to a single Hit Location are noted for the purposes of healing (First Aid, Stabilization, Healing and Injury Recovery roll have their Difficulty raised by the number of Injuries.) But the effects of an Injury are never multiplied.
    Head Injuries: The first Injury to a Head Hit Location in Combat has the full effect listed. The Injured character is Stunned until the end of their next Turn and the Difficulty of all Tests requiring vision are rolled at Difficulty +2. But after the first Stun wears off, that effect cannot be induced again, even if the Head Injury is healed and the character is subsequently Injured again. The +2 Difficulty to vision-based Tests remains until the Injury is treated. Subsequent Head Injuries do incur the +2 Difficulty again.
    Sneak Attack vs. Attacks from Stealth: In Forever Fallout, an attack from stealth is distinct from the bonus given to Sneak Attacks against a surprised enemy.
  A Sneak Attack is only made against a fully surprised enemy is one that is both unaware of the attacker's location and that combat is occurring. The moment that an enemy is aware that there are enemies nearby, perhaps because they've observed an attack or because an attacker has failed an AGI+Sneak Skill Test, they can no longer be surprised for that Scene.
  Any Sneak Attack made against a surprised enemy is made at -1 Difficulty and add the Vicious Damage Effect (if the attacking weapon already has the Vicious Damage Effect, the attack gains +2 CD Damage.) All other bonuses to Sneak Attacks also apply, including bonuses from the Mister Sandman or Ninja Perk, or a Stealth Combat Knife.
  An Attack from Stealth only requires that the enemy is unaware of the attacker's position. This is usually achieved by an attacker succeeding an AGI+Sneak Skill Test with a number of Successes greater than the number of Successes rolled by all enemies on their PER+Sneak Skill Tests.
  Attacks from Stealth gain bonuses from Perks like Ninja and Mister Sandman, as well as weapon bonuses like the Stealth Combat knife, but do not receive the -1 Difficulty nor do they gain the Vicious Damage Effect.
    Radiation Damage: Radiation Damage (distinct from the Damage dealt from Radioactive Effects, that's something else) is not rolled. 1 die of Radiation Damage from food or drink reduces the consumer's maximum Hit Point by 1. 2 dice of Radiation Damage reduced max HP by 2. No roll. This also applies to the Gamma Gun or any other weapon with its Damage Type listed as "Radiation" (a single shot from a standard Gamma Gun does 3 Radiation Damage, no roll.)
    Healing Difficulty: All healing Tests, including First Aid, Healing, Stabilization and Treating Injuries, begin at Difficulty 1, and then add +1 Difficulty for each Injury the target has. The penalty of +1 Difficulty for healing oneself still applies.
    Robot Repair Difficulty: Tests to repair the Hit Points of robots, to treat their Injuries, or Stabalize them from death all begin at Difficulty 1. Then +1 Difficulty is added for each Injury the target has. The penalty of +1 Difficulty for healing oneself still applies.
    Dying: Unlike healing tests, END+Survival Tests to resist dying do not begin at Difficulty 1. A character with no Injuries gains 1 Injury when dropping to 0 Hit Points, and so their Test to resist dying would be Difficulty 1. A character with 7 Injuries also gains an additional Injury when dropping to 0 Hit Points, resulting in an END+Survival Test to resist dying that is at Difficulty 8 [Good luck.] Additionally, unlike any other Test, a character may spend all of their Luck Points to reroll d20s on their Test to resist dying. The normal rules that no 1d20 can be re-rolled twice, and that re-rolls must be kept even if the value is lower, still apply.
  Example: Lex is having a rough day. She is wearing no armour and her sniper position has been found out. She has come under Combat Shotgun fire. Her assailant scores a hit on Lex's head with a shocking 17 damage dice. The shotgunner rolls 14 Damage and 4 Effects. The 14 Damage to Lex's head gives her an Injury and her HP is reduced to 0, earning her a second Injury. The weapon's Spread Damage Effect hits Lex an additional 4 times, and because she is unconscious, each of these hits counts as an Injury.
  At the beginning of her Turn, Lex realizes that she must roll an END+Survival, Difficulty 6 to survive. Seeing that her Target Number is a measly 6, she's ready to give up. But with nothing to lose, she gives the GM 6 Action Points to add 3d20 to her pool. She rolls: 18, 3, 5, 2, 10. 3 Successes, but still 3 short. Noting that she still has 5 Luck Points to spend, Lex decides to re-roll her 18 and 10, getting a 4 and 6. She now has 5 Successes, which is still not enough.
  She needs one of those dice to roll a 1, so that she can bank 2 Successes with it. But she knows that if she re-rolls one of her dice with the Miss Fortune effect of Luck Points, she has to keep the value of the re-roll, even if it is lower than what she was trying to replace. With a 5% chance at life, she re-rolls the 5... ...and gets an 11. She's down to 4 Successes and three of her dice (4, 6, 11) cannot be rolled again. This is her last chance, so she decides to re-roll the 3 and 2, her only hope being the 1 in 400 chance of rolling double 1's. She rolls and... ....has a nice funeral. But she came much closer to survival than just her Target Number implied.

Character Creation

New Origins and Perks are discussed on the Homebrew Origins and Perks page.     Ghoul Origin Trait: Ghouls are entirely immune to the ill-effects of radiation. For every 3 damage they would take from radiation, they gain 1 Hit Point. This only applies to gamma radiation. Ultraviolet light, x-rays, alpha and beta particle radiation, and cosmic rays inflict no damage, but grant no Hit Point gain. Ghouls are immune to almost all diseases.
  They make no Skill Tests to resist disease unless they are exposed to a new contagion that does affect ghouls. In such a case, the situation would be rolled as normal. Ghouls are entirely immune to all diseases listed in the core book and are free to eat raw meat, drink dirty water, breathe foul air, sleep wherever they want and get bitten by wasteland wildlife without fear from disease.
  Ghouls are affected by Stimpaks, Addictol and Antibiotics as usual. Rad-X and RadAway have no effect. For every other chem (including Alchohol), it takes double the dose to have the same chem effect. When the scene is over, Addiction is calculated with the number of doses halved (the number of effective doses, not the total doses.)
  Example: Zero has had a long week and wants to get high on Day Tripper. He has two doses of the chem in his pocket. He takes the first dose and feels nothing. There is no chem effect and no Addiction roll is made at the end of the Scene. Zero, distracted by something, is unable to take the second dose right away.
  Coming into the next Scene, the first dose of Day Tripper are still in his veins, because Day Tripper has a Duration of "Lasting" and its effects continue until the end of the next Scene. In this second Scene, Zero takes his second dose of Day Tripper. He gets high, with the full bonuses and penalties from the chem.
  When this Scene ends, the chem's effects end, because the first dose has worn off. (If Zero took a third dose, he could extend the effect for another Scene.) He makes an Addiction roll, but made as if he took one dose of Day Tripper, not two.
    Mister Handy Origin Trait: A Mister Handy's sensory system does not grant them -1 Difficulty to all Perception-based Skill Tests. Instead, it allows the player to re-roll 1d20 on any Perception Tests.
    Small Frame Benefit: The Small Frame Survivor Benefit provides 1d20 re-roll to all Agility Tests, not just those involving balance or contortion.
    Perk Ranks Level Requirements: Unlike the Rules As Written, the Level requirement for any Perk does not increase by taking a Perk. The Level requirements are static, treated as if the Perk was taken at the lowest level possible.
  Example: A character has just reached Level 11 and discovers that their small guns are lagging behind their enemies, due to their party's lack of crafting skills. None of them has a Gun Nut Perk. They look at the Gun Nut Perk as written and read that they will have to take Gun Nut Rank 1 at Level 11, which means they can't take Gun Nut Rank 2 until Level 15, Rank 3 at 19 and Rank 4 at 21. They are frustrated that Level-ups are hard to come by and precious Perk slots cannot be assigned in a way that allows them to get excited about their character.
  The game's overseer swoops in and changes the Level requirements. They judge that Gun Nut Rank 1 is available at Level 2, Rank 2 at 6, Rank 3 at 10 and Rank 4 at 14, no matter when the character takes the Perk. The Level 10 player is perfectly capable of taking Gun Nut Rank 1 at Level 11, Rank 2 at Level 12, Rank 3 at Level 13 and Rank 4 at Level 14.
    Adrenalin Rush Perk: The Adrenalin Rush Perk requires the character to be reduced to less than one-half of their maximum Hit Points, not simply by losing a single HP. Also, the Requirement for the Perk is reduced to a Strength of 6.
    Armorer Perk: Rank 1 of the Armorer Perk does not open up DR+4/+4/0 Armor Mods. These Mods are not available until Armorer Rank 2. Armorer Rank 1 still opens up all the usual Armor Upgrades and Power Armor Mods. All Mod crafting costs are the same.
Raider Armor Mod Phys Energy Rad Effects Wt Cost Perks
Welded +1 +1 - - +1 +3 -
Tempered +2 +2 - - +1 +6 -
Hardened +3 +3 - - +2 +9 Armorer 1
Buttressed +4 +4 - - +3 +12 Armorer 2

Leather Armor Mod Phys Energy Rad Effects Wt Cost Perks
Boiled Leather +1 +1 - - +1 +5 -
Girded Leather +2 +2 - - +1 +10 -
Treated Leather +3 +3 - - +1 +15 Armorer 1
Shadowed Leather +3 +3 - Shadowed +1 +20 Armorer 1
Studded Leather +4 +4 - - +2 +25 Armorer

Metal Armor Mod Phys Energy Rad Effects Wt Cost Perks
Painted Metal +1 +1 - - +1 +10 -
Enameled Metal +2 +2 - - +2 +20 Armorer 1
Shadowed Metal +2 +2 - Shadowed +2 +25 Armorer 1
Alloyed Metal +3 +3 - - +3 +30 Armorer 1
Polished Metal +4 +4 - - +4 +40 Armorer 2

Combat Armor Mod Phys Energy Rad Effects Wt Cost Perks
Reinforced +1 +1 - - +1 +15 -
Shadowed +1 +1 - Shadowed +1 +15 Armorer 1
Fiberglass +2 +2 - - +1 +30 Armorer 1
Polymer +3 +3 - - +2 +45 Armorer 1
Hexcore +4 +4 - - +2 +60 Armorer 2

Synth Armor Mod Phys Energy Rad Effects Wt Cost Perks
Laminated +1 +1 - - +1 +5 -
Resin +2 +2 - - +1 +10 Armorer 1
Microcarbon +3 +3 - - +2 +15 Armorer 1
Nanofilament +4 +4 - - +3 +20 Armorer 2

    Iron Fist Perk: At Rank 2, the Iron Fist Perk adds another +1 Damage. So, at Rank 1, the Perk adds +1 Damage to all successful Unarmed attacks. At Rank 2, it adds a total of +2 Damage as well as the Vicious Damage Effect to all Unarmed attacks.
    Quick Hands Perk: Quick Hands does not double Fire Rate. That is crazy. To invoke Quick Hands, spend 2 Action Points and add +2 to the Fire Rate to any Ranged weapon. This increased Fire Rate is not taken into account in relation to the Commando, Gunslinger or Rifleman Perks. That is to say, a Weapon with a Fire Rate of 2 still enjoys the Effects of Gunslinger or Rifleman, even if Quick Hands technically brings the Fire Rate to 4. Likewise, a weapon with a Fire Rate of 1 cannot apply the benefits of the Commando Perk, even if the effect of Quick Hands temporarily raises the Fire Rate to 3.
    Super Mutant Skill Advancement: Super mutants are able to raise non-intellectual Skills to the full 6 ranks. The Target Number of any Skill Test cannot exceed 16, even if the Attribute + Skill totals more than 16.
  Intellectual Skills (Super Mutant Max 4): Barter, Explosives, Lockpick, Medicine, Pilot, Science, Repair, Speech
  Non-Intellectual Skills (Super Mutant Max 6): Athletics, Big Guns, Energy Weapons, Melee Weapons, Small Guns, Sneak, Survival, Throwing, Unarmed


  Vendors and Rarity: Instead of the Rarity rules on page 85 of the rulebook, Forever Fallout uses a level-based Rarity system. A universal vendor, usually based in a large settlement will have all items of Rarity 0 to a number appropriate to the average level of the party. Not all vendors will have all items, and specialty vendors will have a few items of higher Rarity, selected by the Overseer. Also, random loot generated by scavenging will never produce items higher than the party's Rarity Limit.  
Avg Party Level Rarity Limit
1 1
5 2
8 3
11 4
14 5
17 6
20 7

  Buying Mods at Vendors: Certain rare vendors will have crafting Perks. They can apply Mods to the player's equipment for a fee equal to the materials required by the Mod's Complexity x15 caps. Each Mod takes an hour to complete.  
Mod Recipe
Materials Cost Installation Fee
1 2 30
2 3 45
3 10 150
4 14 210
5 28 420
6 37 555
7 46 690

    Throwing Weapons: In Forever Fallout, Throwing Weapons are considered Melee Weapons in the same manner as Unarmed weapons. A character's Melee Bonus derived from their Strength attribute applies to Throwing Weapons, and up to 3 Action Points can be spent to add Damage dice to a single attack.
  The only exception is bows and crossbows. Bows can always add up to 3 Damage dice by spending Action Points. But a standard bow cannot benefit from the Melee Damage Bonus due to Strength. Bows can be made with a greater draw weight, gaining the Melee Damage Bonus, but requiring a higher Strength Attribute to use.
Draw Weight Potential Melee
Dmg Bonus
35 lbs. None None
75 lbs. +1 7
100 lbs. +2 9
200 lbs. +3 11

  Crossbows receive neither the Melee Damage Bonus, nor can they add Damage dice with Action Points. Some crossbows have the Accurate Quality and so can add up to 3 Damage dice with Action Points, if an Aim Minor Action is taken.
    Damage Effects Stacking: No Damage Effects stack. Period. Breaking, Piercing, Shattering and Vicious Effects are not added to the effects of Burst, Persistent or Spread Effects. And Burst, Persistent and Spread certainly don't interact with each other.
  Example: The Ultra Dynamo Super Weapon (Energy Damage 15, Burst, Persistent, Piercing 3, Spread, Vicious, Fire Rate 3) is fired for the first time at a crowd of 7 Gary clones. Each Gary clone is wearing a modified Shielded Vault Jumpsuit (Energy DR 4) that somehow covers the head. The attacker gets a hit on a central Gary and chooses to add all 3 Fire Rate, and so rolls 18 dice damage. The attacker rolls 15 Damage and 6 Effects.
  The initial hit does 21 Damage to the first Gary: 15 Damage + 6 Vicious - [(Piercing 3)*(6 Effects) - Energy DR 4] = 21 - [18-4] = 21 - 0
  Each Spread Effect does 3 Damage to a random Hit Location on the first Gary. This times 6 Effects makes 18 total Damage: 6 Spreads * ([15 Damage / 2] - Energy DR 4) = 6 * (7-4) = 18
  If the first Gary survives, he's taking 11 Persistent Damage at the end of each of his Turns for 6 Rounds. This Gary may roll to shake of this Persistent Damage, at the discretion of the GM: 15 Damage - Energy DR 4 = 11 Damage
  The attacker may choose to spend an additional Ammo for each Burst Effect in order to attack another target in the same Zone, in this case 6. Each of these 6 additional Garys is hit for 11 Damage: 15 Damage - Energy DR 4 = 11 Damage
    Shattering Damage Effect: Certain weapons and weapon Mods incur Shattering Damage Effects. The Effect is similar to Breaking, but the Effect is permanent. For every Effect rolled in a Damage pool, permanently reduce the DR level of that area.
  Clothing, Outfits and Armor damaged with Shattering require repair [see Repair rules on page 210 of the core book]. A Robot Repair Kit (or its equivalent) can repair Shattering to a robot's armor instantly, with no roll or materials required.
  Shattering Effects applied to biological Damage Resistance (such as a creature's natural DR, or DR from the Barbarian, Nerd Rage or Toughness Perks) must be healed with an INT + Medicine Test, Difficulty 2. This process takes 30 minutes and does not include any Hit Point, Disease or Injury healing. Healing Salves, Stimpaks and Super-Stimpaks (and other healing-specific effects like a robot's Regeneration Field, but no food or beverages) heal Shattering instantly, with no roll required.
    Stun Damage Effect: When Damage is rolled for an attack with the Stun Damage Effect, no Stun Damage Effects are applied unless the target suffers at least 1 Hit Point loss, no matter how many Effects are rolled.
  Example: Zero has a Strength of 10, the Iron Fist Perk, the Piercing Strike Perk, and is attacking with a Boxing Glove (Damage 3, Stun). His target is a Super Mutant Behemoth with a Physical Damage Resistance of 8. After a successful hit, Zero rolls his Damage pool (Boxing Glove 3 + Strength Melee Bonus 3 + Iron Fist 1 = 7 Dice). He rolls 2 Effects and 4 additional Damage. His total Damage is 6, with 2 Stun Effects and Piercing 2. The Behemoth's DR absorbs all of the Damage ([8 DR - 2 Piercing] - 6 Damage = 0). Even though Zero rolled 2 Stun Effects, they are not applied to the target. He would have had to do 1 additional Damage in order to overcome the Behemoth's hide, in which case the target would be Stunned until the end of their next Turn.
    Combat Shotgun, Flamer and Deathclaw Gauntlet: These Mods have been changed for balance between builds and even power growth.
    VATS: Pip-Boys in Forever Fallout are not equipped with a VATS targeting system. Equipment with the VATS ability to target Hit Locations with no +1 Difficulty to attack may exist out in the wasteland, but is not available to starting characters.


    Well-Rested: The Well-Rested Sleep State, which provides +2 Max HP for 24 hours, can only be achieved by sleeping for 8 hours or more in specially designated beds. These beds can be generally found at inns and PC-owned residences.
    Disease from Sleeping on the Ground: Not every condition in which a character sleeps outside of a bed requires a disease roll. If a character makes an effort to find a dry place off of the ground at a comfortable temperature (40F-90F, 5-32C), the suffer no ill effects. A disease roll is only required when a character sleeps directly on open ground, sleeps on a sleeping bag or tent over wet ground, sleeps in open precipitation, or outside of a bed when temperatures are uncomfortable.
    Crafting Difficulty: A Character's rating in the Repair Skill does not reduce the Complexity of a crafting recipe. When crafting, roll a Test of Intelligence + the listed Skill. The Difficulty is equal to the Complexity of the recipe, minus the number of Perks listed under the Perks section of the recipe. Equipment effects that apply to Skill Tests (such as the Multi-Tool's -1 to Repair Difficulty) are applied to the Difficulty as usual.
  Example: Lex has an Intelligence of 7 and a Tagged Repair Skill of 4, has the Gun Nut 2 and Science! 2 Perks and is equipped with a Lab Coat (re-roll 1d20 on INT tests) and a Multi-Tool (Repair Difficulty -1). She is attempting to build a Targeting Computer Mod for a Missile Launcher. The Mod has a Complexity of 6, requires the Gun Nut 2 and the Science! 2 Perks, and is made with the Repair Skill. Her Target Number is 11*4 (INT+Repair). The Difficulty is the Complexity of 6, minus one for the Gun Nut 2 Perk, minus another for the Science! 2 Perk and minus 1 for the Multi-Tool, coming to a total of 3 (Gun Nut 1 and Science 1 are not counted.) She spends 3 Action Points to add 2d20 to her dice pool and rolls a 6, 12, 10 and 19 - 2 Successes, which fails the test. But her Lab Coat allows her one re-roll and she chooses to re-roll the 19, getting a 3. The 3 is below her Tagged Skill, yielding 2 Successes and bringing her total to 4 Successes. She is now the proud owner of a Targeting Computer Mod and banks 1 AP for the group.
    Combat Shotgun Mods: Combat shotguns are too unstable to accept the Long Scope Mod.
    Flamer Mods: The Perk requirements of Flamer Mods have changed. Napalm Fuel requires the Chemist Perk, the Long Barrel requires Gun Nut 1, the Large Tank requires Gun Nut 2, the Huge Tank requires Gun Nut 3, the Compression Nozzle requires Gun Nut 1 + Science! 1, and the Vaporization Nozzle requires Gun Nut 2 + Science! 1. More crafting stats are listed in the Crafting in Forever Fallout section.
    Death Claw Gauntlet Mods: Adding an Extra Claw Mod requires the Blacksmith 1 Perk.


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