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Fool's Paradise

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The year is 2299, the cusp of another century. Over two hundred years since the bombs fell. Deep in the southeast in the Gulf Commonwealth, in what was referred to as 'Florida', a war is brewing. A war that may determine the outcome for humanity as we know it. Within the last thirty years,the sprawling wasteland has been over run with giant plants,insects,and horrendous monstrosities. A malfunctioning G.E.C.K. led to a false Eden, that now is consuming everything in it's wake. The people left behind are forced to fight against the onslaught of nature trying to reclaim what man spent so long destroying. Some time ago, a group called The Brotherhood of Steel arrived and began helping fight back the horrors, but their obsession with control and technology has led to another group unionizing to take control of the Gulf. The newly formed Sunshine Coalition has banded together the settlements west to east to form a makeshift militia and government. The two have quarreled in the past, but reluctantly agreed to a cease fire to deal with the encroaching irradiated jungle reclaiming the land. Meanwhile, far to the east, a long thought destroyed group is preparing for their final plan, now with an unlikely ally. Should they succeed, the fate of not just the Gulf Commonwealth, but the entirety of America, maybe the world, is at stake. Because war... War never changes.