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Titan Carrots

Titan Carrots are a species of carrot native to the continent of Plenn. As the name implies, they are quite large - averaging roughly 11 inches long, and having a tapered radius that is four inches wide at its top, one inch at the base. These root vegetables are a staple for the people of Plenn (and the surrounding islands), and are one of the most widely-sold vegetables on Folterra.

Basic Information


These carrots are quite large - one carrot can supply enough food for some people for a whole day. They're also a bit more "hairy" than the common carrot, creating many small hair-like roots to seek nutrients in the wet landscape of Plenn and to keep them anchored in the often-raining weather.

Genetics and Reproduction

They reproduce like normal carrots.

Growth Rate & Stages

Titan carrots take around four months to completely grow from seed.

Ecology and Habitats

These vegetables have adapted to grow in the doused environments of Plenn, and as such, do not grow elsewhere that do not have the same amount of water content in the soil (with an exception to the The Cerulean Forest for unknown reasons). No amount of water is too much for these carrots, especially with their roots keeping them in place.

Biological Cycle

Because of the consistency of Plenn's weather (rain), titan carrots are not often affected by weather or season changes, though a strong enough cold to freeze the ground can wipe out the entire crop yield of several farms.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Titan carrots are a food staple in Plenn, and are starting to become a food staple in Ilysia as well. Because of their large nature, and ability to store without rotting for a few months in the right conditions, they are kept as a food reserve in Plenn and other regions. These carrots are especially known to be a favorite of world-travelers and sailors for the same reasons.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Commonly found in Plenn as a source of cultivation. From there, they are sold commonly and uncommonly in other various places of the world.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

In the time following the Dragon War, the titan carrot has unfortunately been a victim of a parasitic fungus that originated from Lahas. This fungus will overtake the central portion of the carrot, then when the fungus has matured, it will release a large stalk upwards and release spores to grow elsewhere.
Scientific Name
Daucus carrota s. sativus gigantidae
They are a desecendant of the modern carrot, and can be cross-bred with their subspecies cousins (like borallia).
Conservation Status
Least concern
Average Height
11 inches to 1 foot.
Average Weight
4-5 lbs.
Average Length
3 inches.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Commonly orange-yellow to brown.

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