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Naean Housing

Typical Naean housing often utilizes stonework structures to form a strong foundation, and then lumber atop this stone. If there is a lack of bricks, houses are often entirely crafted from wood, usually in a style similar to a log cabin. These houses are very square, and in the southern territories, two-storied with large fireplaces designed to heat the whole house in the cold. In the north, some houses have basements that are used to store food or other miscellaneous goods.

Purpose / Function

Much like any normal house, these structures are primarily used to keep one's belongings and to act as a shelter from the environment. This is especially true in Shenar, where the cold winds and snow can bring temperature down into the negatives. Larger housing, like manors, inns, and so on, are constructed in a similar structure to basic housing, but only in a larger scale.


Often times, housing is a two-story (either one floor above or below ground), 30ft x 30ft square per floor. Houses are painted a wide variety of colors, and in most places in Naea, are highly customizable should you want to build your own. Lumber ranges from oak to maple, birch, pine, and so on.


Though most housing is fairly similar to each other, there are a few buildings throughout Westmarch and Ellera that are quite different. The reason behind this is largely due to the noble class that once constructed and owned these buildings, and wanted to set themselves apart from the commoners.


Stone or clay bricks are used for the base of houses, placed together with a thick mortar. Above this, wood planks or logs will be set and cut into place, nailed down, and will create the external walls of the house. This extends up to either a floor above or below, most commonly.


In older times, such as in the 5th to 8th century AV, housing was much smaller and simpler. Houses would be almost entirely comprised of rough-hewn logs placed down upon each other and cut to fit into the corners. Stone or other wood would be placed below to create the floors, though in some cases, furs would be placed down over dirt. Additionally, quilts, animal furs, or other types of blankets would be hung over walls in the southern regions to prevent any kind of cold winds from entering the loose-fitting wooden logs. After the ability to refine iron better was discovered, that is when these houses transitioned from their more medieval style to their current one.

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