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Folterran Idioms

Folterrans have a wide array of idioms that they commonly use. Many of these are sarcastic responses, though some are genuine. Because of the advent of international peace, many of these phrases are used worldwide, though not quite used with other species. Megeri and Drakkon have their own idioms and phrases unique to their kind, and some unique to their languages.
Common Phrases
"(You/concept/etc.) make(s) as much sense as a dream."   "I've seen dragons more considerate."   "Wow, what a great discovery. I'll go tell Saffa." - said sarcastically.   "The Vexes weren't always appreciated either." - A saying used for reassurance.   "Rains bring more than just water." - often said when someone doesn't understand why something happens.   "Even a dung beetle has a purpose." - Another saying for reassurance.   "(When this is all done/etc.), I'll go to the great big leviathan at the bottom of the sea and break off a tooth for my gravestone." - said by sailors mentioning death.   "... as close as the moon and the tide." - Said often to a pair of people that are near inseparable.   "Do the deaf/dead know that too?" - a sarcastic phrase said when someone constantly repeats something.   "Like Saffa said, "History is something you hew yourself"."   "Something smells like dragons." - not as commonly used nowadays, but was said to indicate possible danger. A sort of replacement for "I have a bad feeling about this."   "Throw it to the wind." - acts similarly to "stop worrying about it".   "What if ARIDS is just a giant bomb?" - a response to any "what if" question.   "Tides take you to your destination." - A Megeri phrase used respectfully.   "Subtle changes in the waters bring drastic ones upon the shores." - A Megeri phrase to make one aware of their actions.   "Your skull is denser than my scales." - A Drakkon phrase said towards someone foolish.   "As all things, you shall pass as well." A Drakkon phrase said in hostility, often before one's death.

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