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Ancient Golvtharian Sacrificial Chamber

The Ancient Golvtharian Sacrificial Chamber is a rounded underground chamber in the ruins of Savarro. Written texts describe the room while active as "black as night with several obsidian-colored crystals embedded and/or hanging from the roof. In the room stood five pedestals, each with a statuette of a deity, where people would offer sacrifices to gain favor with one of the five gods. These sacrifices ranged from burning small plants, to beheading a chicken, and occasionally a human sacrifice.

Purpose / Function

The ancient Golvtharian people, and later on, the Savarran people, would give offerings and sacrifices to the god of their choice in hopes of attaining favor, information, or protection.

Special Properties

With recent discoveries, the outlying area surrounding this chamber is incredibly ley-drained. There is almost no detectable amount of ley energy, and with this brings possible explanations to how the Golvtharian and Savarran people being able to communicate with their deities through a process of hallucination and ley-energy exposure from people who may have been from a more ley-enriched area.


In recent excavations, the altars seem to have been desecrated during the last reigning rule of Savarro - two deities are missing. Though the reasons remain largely unknown as to why they would be removed, it is speculated that the The Hundred Year War may have had something to do with it, as Savarro took the side of Mendaea.


The sacrificial chamber is about fifty feet underground, at the end of a roughly one hundred foot long corridor that branches off into other rooms. The chamber itself is rounded, and is thirty feet in diameter. Each statue sat roughly five feet apart from each other in a half-circle, arcing in front of a decorated five foot by five foot carved stone in the center of the room. There are no windows, but several empty braziers lay around the back of the room. Additionally, a newer, partially-constructed stained glass mural of one of their deities, Merra.


Written accounts seem to point the construction of this sacrificial chamber finishing around the end of the 6th century AV (approximately 588 AV). After the ancient Golvtharian kingdom split into it's three somewhat recently collapsed kingdoms (the Kairns, Kaldstein and Savarro), the Savarran kingdom had acquired it, mainly because of their proximity to this location.
1077 AV
Environmental Effects
Strangely, the surrounding area above this chamber, and it's connected rooms, are highly nutrient-rich and disease resistant. Perhaps this may be the true origin of the Golvtharian forest and why it remains as one of the resilient forests in the world.

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