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Seidr is a form of old magic using spinning wool or linen thread to determine or change the future. It was typically practiced by the volva, women who were feared and respected for their wisdom and solitude, the art was considered unmanly for men, even Odin. Freya taught Odin how to perform Seidr.


  • One must be educated in the wool and linen to have any hope of spinning or weaving, let alone of performing seidr and reading the yarn or thread with any major success.
  • The practitioner must have unspun linen or wool on a distaff and a drop spindle.


  • For divination the practitioner begins to spin the wool or linen on the distaff, allowing the gods and chance affect the outcomes of the threads.
  • The yarn or thread is then read and knowledge of future is possibly gained.

Manipulative Magic

  • To manipulate fate, the practitioner may spin specific items into the wool while expressing a particular desire. The item will determine how the future will change. It can only be determined by reading the thread or yarn with divination.
  • Golden thread, coins and silver wire are some examples of very good items to strongly influence the future.
  • Bone needles and iron slivers represented changes of violence or conflict.
  • Glass, copper and bronze represented positive but minor changes.


Letting someone break your concentration while performing the spinning of the fibers is an easy way to have the spell backfire.

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