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Tower of Frøy

"A voice whispered to me when I slept last night, and asked me to build a tower to the gods" - Mariann the First

Purpose / Function

The Tower of Frøy was first built as a religious landmark after Frøy was channeled through one of Mariann the First's dreams. She ordered the tower to be built as soon as she woke up.   The tower have no specific purpose exept as a watchtower or temple to talk to Frøy.


The tower is built in an avian style with dark oak, adorned with sprouce. However the detail in the tower is much greater than the average Avian building, to honor Frøy. There is also a single bed at the top floor, as well as a place to take off to the sky.

Alternative Names
Frøy's tower // The tower to the Gods
Temple / Religious complex

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