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Once upon a time Elementals were the so called gods that ruled over Fmier, they were the absolute power and essence of the world. after The Order created the different races of Fmier, some of the Elementals were outraged so they teamed up with the old ones to try and defeat The Order but they failed. The Order separated each of the Elemental's essences and used those essences to bless their people and their champions.
The Elementals never died completely their essence and their connection to Fmier prevented them from fading away completely, therefore an outcome that the Order could not predict came to be and that was the infusion of their people with the Elemental essence and evolving each of the races of Fmier in a different way.

Each of the Elementals were represented by an entity, each with a unique name; unfortunately the names of these entities were lost by the passage of time so they are referred to as the Elemental Lords. The Elemental Lords are the seven great natural lords of Fmier. (some of the legends that they them selves were created by The Order and what gave them enough strength to challenge them was the corruption of The Old ones)
(Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Nobelium, Wood, thunder)

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