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A Major Religion within Ardentry

Light, ladies and gentlemen, gaze upon it! So long as the Everlight eternally shines, we are blessed by the caels above! So long as it shines, these fiends shall fall before us! Now, fight with me, fight alongside the caels! We have the light and we shall guide it to Maledict!
— Adjutor Brimstead, Revered War Hero


The structure of the Reverie among the caels is very loose. It’s effectively a gerontocracy where the eldest celestials carry more weight with commandments.

The Everlight

At the core foundation of Revered caels and mortal followers is the Everlight. It is an entity that eternally shines as a beacon of hope for many. Many followers and lesser caels call upon its power for aid but it only does so to those worthy of its mighty boons.

Elder Caels

The following table showcases the elder caels that directly formed the Kingdom of Ardentry. They are major deities.

Cael Domain(s) Patron Race(s)
Ornsen Grave, Light Humans
Kavalni Peace, Trickery Avians
Renaki Arcana, Knowledge Elves
Silris Forge, Life Stouts (Dwarves, Halflings)
Talmek Order, War Goliaths


The difference between Ornsen and his Ethereal counterpart is that he instead directs worthy spirits to Haven with his signature lantern. Those who wish to emulate this cael are tasked with ensuring that the dead are at rest and the undead vanquished.

Ornsen chose to bless humans for their versatility. They also have a tendency for ghost stories to become a frequent occurrence in their stories occasionally compared to others. It seemed only fitting.


An upbeat and cheerful cael. She teaches her followers to embrace the beauty of life and fun. She may have a fondness for gags and pranks but they are always in good spirit and never sours the relations between people. Kavalni also loathes violent solutions since harm often severely sours interactions. She encourages her followers to go cheer people up and relieve the tensions people could have as diplomats.

The avians are her chosen people as she adores the grace and beauty of them. She’s also fond of their feathery aesthetic.


Knowledge is a potent thing and the key to advancements. It is also vital to understanding the people, world, and factors around us. To use it wisely for the betterment of everything is the goal. That is why Renaki takes interest with the arcane compared to the others, as he knows there is boundless potential within it. That is why critical decisions are put in his hands to resolve disputes. To have his blessing should never be taken lightly.

Renaki chose the elves for their long lifespans. The accumulation of all that wisdom and intelligence is what he craves.


Community is at the heart of Silris’ teachings. She is the patron of all workers who tend to farms, smiths, cobbling, weaving, and more. She encourages her followers to meet regularly and to enjoy culture.

That is why she chose to bless the Stouts. The dwarves emulate her crafting and forging side. The halflings emulate the community aspect by living in very tight communities where they often rejoice in weekly events.


Talmek understands war and that is why he hates it. It may be the case but that is why he readies himself and his followers for it by practice. Through respect and humility, it helps mitigate the bruised egos in a conflict. Because when both sides start to hate the other, terrible things start to happen, both to those involved and who could be caught in the collateral.

It’s why he chose to bless the goliaths. They are warriors who respect competence and good competition.

Tenets of Faith

The following are teachings from the Virtuous caels who lead the Revered.


As the cael over the dead, Ornsen makes a point about what you will have to consider on your death bed. That is why he likes to equate the living as a flame. All mortals get extinguished but what you do beforehand is what matters most of all.


“Peace and harmony brings a special joy,” is Kavalni’s saying. Followers of Kavalni are diplomats who can often disarm tense situations with a joke, kind gesture, or even a warm smile. Because when everyone is happy, we all can make fond memories.


Knowledge and understanding is Renaki’s way of things. Only through the understanding of a problem can it get done right and with the best possible outcome. So many conflicts, problems, and drama happen because of that lacking clarity on situations.


Community is at the core of Silris’ teachings. Her followers are instructed to never do things alone and are to coordinate activities with people. Always keep watch on less active members to ensure their wellbeing as people tend to suffer when alone.


As a patron over guardians specifically, Talmek instructs his followers that it is better to keep the peace than having to resolve things through needless bloodshed. Let it be clear, they are not against fighting, they prefer to use it as a means to ensure the safety of others.


Cael commandments are superior to mortal commandments.

Mortals are of this world and can be tricked by the cruel fiends of Maledict. Caels, however, are planar beings who have repeatedly shown they have the best intentions for every living creature, regardless of faith. To hear a direct commandment from an older cael is to potentially be an inspiration. Of course, discerning cael truth from fiend trickery can be the hard part…

All mortal life is innately valuable.

The Revered believe all life holds value. To murder or kill is abhorrent lest it be self-defense. The caels clarify mortal life for the sake of combating fiends. As for death as a severe punishment, it is something not every cael can seem to agree on, whether as a principle that all life is valuable or if a taker of lives is to be slain to prevent more. Different provinces hold different rulings based on their patron cael’s ruling.


At the heart of Revered praise is the Everlight. Its strength and integrity hinges on the faith of its members. So, to help strengthen both member and Everlight fortitude, there are a handful of ways to do so.


A weekly gathering is held in local chapels or cathedrals. Often members give public talks about how a cael has been of help, how staying faithful helped them overcome hard challenges, or knowing that a cael could be watching over their wellbeing.

Hymns are another occurrence in a gathering. Ringing through temples and cathedrals are the voices of the faithful from both the material world and up in Haven. The secret is actually from idols that depict the Everlight. Through these blessed orbs, they carry the songs of the faithful in hopes of encouraging those who need it most.


Temples are placed carefully to be in sight of cities, towns, and villages. A beacon to the Everlight stands at a high tower to shine its radiant light. Even in the grimmest night, a soft light still persists throughout the nearby land.

Worship at the temples compromise of being dunked in holy water as a show of becoming purified or basking in the healing rays of the Everlight.



A pontiff is chosen as the mortal whom the elder caels believe shall be their ultimate voice for the mortals. Because the caels have their preferences on mortal matters, it is the pontiff’s duty to translate their decrees to be compatible for mortals. As a result, such decrees often overrules any authority to those below.

The pontiff is stationed within the City of Hearth as the heart of Ardentry. Specifically, the Linfield Cathedral. They often focus on affairs within the Province of Cassius until one of the elder caels demand something to be done in other provinces.


There is a cardinal for each blessed province, totaling to five. Their duty is to act as mini-pontiffs for their assigned region. Because of it, they often are devoted to the cael over that province. So if a cardinal is in Dulnmoor, they will most likely be a follower to Ornsen.

Cardinals reside within a temple that is within the province’s capital.


Adjutors are responsible for a temple’s wellbeing. They often require some form of martial training to ensure that security is intact. They often overrule any disputes among vicars because they are chosen to lead a temple.


Vicars are appointed to lead a local church’s congregation in all sorts of community affairs. To avoid clashing with the governor, they are to simply be moral support.


Deacons are chosen among the masses who wish to take some responsibility within the Reverie. To help prepare them in a means similar to an apprenticeship, they act as assistants to their superior, learning alongside them.

Political Influence & Intrigue

It’s no secret that, because the church is blessed by the almighty caels themselves, that they tend to have a very strong presence in Ardentry’s affairs. They are not integrated with the Kingdom, as the caels believe that leaders of faith and governance should be separate due to their different skill sets.

Though, should someone decide to get into the politics within the kingdom hold some form of serious office like a queen or duke, there is a very critical aspect to keep in mind. Particularly, the blessing of the church. The higher up the hierarchy, the better. But to be blessed by an elder cael? That may as well confirm your position. But may they have mercy on you should you falsify the claim of your blessing and an angry mob comes after you.

Faith shall light the way.

Religious, Holy Order
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