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Faunerro's Deities

Types of Deities

In Faunerro, there aren't necessarily any all-powerful gods. Far from it. The closest thing to a god is a being with a vast amount of power that can seem godlike. Deities can intervene in a mortal's life but those moments are few and rare. Having a following of worshippers is a very big sign of a person's rise to becoming their own divine source of power. These are the currently known types within the setting.

Major Deities

Standard deities, such as those found among Reverie and Maledict. Deities are usually the center of their own religion.

Lesser Deities

Lesser deities tend to be the subordinates of a major deity. Alternatively, they are a collection that makes up their own pantheon.


Perhaps the strangest and elusive form of being to worship are entities. Entities don't take a physical form or some means that makes their presence directly known. These are the worshipped forms of thought or spirit that impact society.

Deities of Faunerro

There are three distinct allegiances that deities have. They are either tied to the majesty of Reverie as a cael, a cruel demon from Maledict, or are gods that roam Faunerro with a small following who have no preference, called Temporal Gods.

The Dichotomy

When people mention the term “Dichotomy,” it refers to the major struggle between the Cult of Maledict and the Reverie. Eternal rivals where the Reverie encourages the betterment of things, the Cult of Maledict instead wants to burn it all down out of hatred. Below in their respective articles describes more of them in-depth.


The Cult of Maledict is a pantheon of evil as they embody the worst aspects of life. Their greatest vicians, or fiends, are a snide mockery of the Revered pantheon. The Deviser is the enigmatic ruler over the cult that mostly goes unheard until he makes a request that often has dire consequences if left unanswered. The cult’s main leaders like the Reverie’s, called Overlords, are appointed by the Deviser for their specialties within the cult. They also have their own preferred race like with the caels.

Overlord Specialty Corrupted
Alkaran Cult Creator Roden
Desideri Treasurer Dragons
Irator Warlord Orcs
Sidresk Demoralizer Undead
Verita Corruption Inferiin
Cult of Maledict
Organization | Oct 8, 2023

A Cult that seeks Domination


The Reverie is a pantheon made up of celestials known as caels. As aspects of all that is good and pure, they help oversee the Kingdom of Ardentry’s wellbeing. Their domains are meant to be reflective of either divine duties or of society’s wellbeing as they are the ones who raised the Kingdom after all.

Cael Divine Domain Patron Race(s)
Ornsen Grave, Light Humans
Kavalni Peace, Trickery Avians
Renaki Arcana, Knowledge Elves
Silris Forge, Life Stouts (Dwarves, Halflings)
Talmek Order, War Goliaths
Organization | Oct 8, 2023

A Major Religion within Ardentry

Temporal Gods

The Temporal Gods are considered deities that are apathetic, avoidant, or inactive in the main feud between the powers of Maledict and Reverie. Their focus is often on more of a philosophical approach to life or they prefer to uphold worldly aspects like nature, the elements, etc.


Major Entity over the Natural World

Some say if you listen when the wind blows that there is a whisper that calls out to you. They say her presence can be felt in the breeze, a mild one if she is content and a howl when outraged. Kadilith, as her devoted nivariin (wood elves) call her, is as predictable as the weather. In fact, it is through the weather that she sends omens to her followers of events around them.


Major Deity over Death and the Afterlife

Morrovan is the Temporal deity over death and the Ether. His home can be found deep within Requiem Castle of the Ether. Morrovan himself is usually seen as a simple skeletal figure under a frayed cloak. Though, those who are near death instead see an older member of their race who wishes to help guide them to the afterlife. His carefully chosen followers that help him escort others to the afterlife are called Reapers.


Lesser Deity over Fear

Hailing from the dreary realm of the Fell, Psythane is a monstrous, tall, and spindly humanoid with spider eyes. He feeds on fear and his following is most active at night.

Sullus, The Fallen Cael

Lesser Deity over Light of Enlightenment

Sullus is a former member of Reverie yet still claims his form as a cael. He still admires what his kindred provides to Faunerro but is irritated by their systems and procedures. Specifically, their standing back and letting mortal priests dilute their messages through a vast hierarchy. He founded his own following to ensure that Reverie’s original teachings are intact but with some new teachings of his own. Thus, the Order of Candescence was formed.

How tough should a deity be?
Challenge Rating Deity Range
13-18 Lesser Deity
19-24 Major Deity
25-30 Creator
Metaphysical, Divine

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