An Age of Restoration


Originally meant to announce the defeat of the Arkonian Order, it instead turned into an announcement about how life can flourish once again now that all the wanton cruelty can be a thing of the past.

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Coalition Response

Every known culture rejoiced. They no longer had to fear the scourge of the Arkonian Order coming to their homes. Gone are the times of having to suspect someone has evil intentions.

Arkonian Response

Overall, the Arkonian Order had mixed responses. The savage side like those that serve Sar'Ganockt were still outraged at their defeat, looking for people to blame. The sadarren were scared for their existence but a mass exile to the Shadowfell is probably the most merciful thing to come out of it, as they were at least relieved the fighting was over.


This document is often looked upon as an unintended motivational speech by the latest generations. They know not the amount of extremes both sides took to defeat the other so the message can seem a bit odd.

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