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Flintlock Gothic

Created by

by Acco Spoot
  Have a care! There's danger round every turn!
It is 1732, in the county of Loxshire.   The end-times hearken forth! Be it by the agency of men, or fiend.   At the heart of the county, the old city of Hastley watches decay crumble around it, its hallowed cathedral walls cannot save it from the twisting influence of the other-world.   The new city, Loxbridge, promises safety in wealth and industry, but within, disease and misery are all that meets those seeking desperate refuge, so feeding haunted spirits.   Peace may be found outside the cities, but the forest is unwilling to easily provide it. Creatures of a land out of time watch from the shadowy, dense, forest thicket, watching over ancient boundaries and making cautionary tales of those who dare trespass idly.   Even the rolling hills, marked by field bounds and roads, are home to danger; opportunistic bandits and other ignoble characters pick at exposed stagecoaches and carts, making off with lucre and lives alike.   Elsewhere, outside the county, in Thelden, the marshy underbelly of the county, intolerant and proselytising Puritans bide their time, waiting for the moment the county will beg for salvation and they will proudly refuse.   -   The omens couldn't be clearer, even to those blind to the sight, this world is soon surely doomed. Only fated spirits could drive back the end-times now, those who, yet, are not aware of their place in a world turned up-side down.