Global Timeline

Age of Flight

... 8235 BR

The first age, a time when humans had wings and birds filled the skies.

  • Circa 20,000 YA

    Humans arrive in the Land of Spirits
    Population Migration / Travel

    The earliest human hunter-gatherer bands first set foot in the Land of Spirits. The first humans lay eyes on the already-complete Tower of Origins in the distance.

  • 9884 BR

    Abandonment of the Silashu Site

    The settlement currently known as the Silashu Ruins is abandoned, possibly due to a changing environment.

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  • Circa 8800 BR

    The Epic of Dragons
    Cultural event

    The Dàni national epic, The Epic of Dragons, is set around this time.

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  • 8721 BR

    Discovery of Black Dust
    Discovery, Scientific

  • 8398 BR

    Killing of a Spirit
    Life, Death

    A spirit is stabbed by a black dust sword and it is discovered that black dust kills spirits

  • Circa 8000 BR

    The First Reckoning
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    The first of the known Reckonings. The first humans were winged and built great civilizations across the world. Legend has it that they grew too arrogant and attempted to reach Spiritrest in the rafters of the world. The Spirits struck them down and cursed the world, stripping the power of flight from all life with feathers.

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Age of Dogs

8234 BR 5830 BR

The second age, the last age in which dogs sat at humanity's side.

  • Circa 7500 BR

    Development of Agriculture
    Scientific achievement

    The people of northern Cuyania begin irrigating crops rather than relying on gathering. Allegedly, they were taught by a strange woman who wandered out of the desert.

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  • 2391

    First case of Red Rot
    Plague / Epidemic

    Red Rot is contracted by a hunting party on Kenato Island, and the pandemic begins

  • 2404



    The Second Reckoning
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    The second destruction of the world. No one knows what caused it, but one of its worst aftereffects was that it marked the end of the partnership between humans and dogs.

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Age of the North

5829 BR 2403 BR

The third age, when global power was concentrated in the far north and the Takit civilization dominated

  • 0

    The Betrayal
    Era beginning/end

    In the wake of the Second Reckoning, humanity's domesticated dogs turned against their masters.

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  • Circa 3000 BR

    Setting of "The Tree that Touches the Stars"
    Cultural event

    Based on the content and the oldest records, it's believed the myth The Tree that Touches the Stars is set, or was first told, around this time.

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  • 2679

    Founding of Hyego

    The first king, Ewa, crowns himself and establishes the first Shilo kingdom.

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  • 2862

    Enthronement of Queen Kaoreng
    Political event

    Queen Kaoreng takes the throne, which spells the beginning of the end for the corrupt Ewa Dynasty

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  • 3217

    Fall of Hyego

    Invaders from Kiyowara conquer the kingdom.

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  • 3426



    The Third Reckoning
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    For the third time, the world erupted into chaos as natural disasters assailed the world. The volcanoes that erupted during this one triggered a mini ice-age that made recovering even harder than usual.

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Age of Sail

2402 BR 1 BR

The fourth age, before the leviathans came, and ships filled the seas

The New Age

0 BR and beyond

The fourth age. The era has just begun, and we have not yet seen what will define it.