Dire Wolf

Ancient records depict canines and humans living alongside each other. We see hints of that even today in the legend of The Fairy Girl. The perception that they are actively malevolent towards man cannot be accurate, and I intend to prove it.
— Zoologist Kalervo of Jausai, who was mauled to death by dire wolves
  Why do they hate humans so much? No one is quite sure, but it happened after the Second Reckoning. Humans had lived with domesticated dogs for around four thousand years at the time of the Second Reckoning. At the tail end of the disaster, just when everyone thought the worst was over, dogs began to turn on their masters. No one could explain the betrayal, but it was a world-wild phenomenon.   Dogs escaped back into the wild. Over the years, the once familiar companion animals grew larger, fiercer, and wilder. They live in the wild parts of the world, and in general behave similar to common wolves. The main difference is that a dire wolf seemingly has a distinct appetite for human flesh. Dire wolves have been known to attack hunters, ignoring the deer they are carrying home in order to attack the hunter directly. The great loyalty and affection dogs once showed to humanity has been inverted.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Similar to a common wolf with a few modifications. They are are few inches taller at the shoulder, heavier, stockier, and have shorter legs. They also have larger jaws with a stronger bite, and larger teeth.

Dietary needs and habits

They care carnivores and eat mammals and large birds. As pack hunters, they are able to bring down prey much larger than themselves. The most curious trait is that when humans are in the area, they will target them before any other creature. Even if they have recently fed, they attack and kill humans just to leave the bodies rotting on the ground.

Scientific Name
Canis dirus
10 years
Average height
3'4" at the shoulder
Average weight
150 lbs
Body tint, colouring and marking
Dark grey or black, sometimes with white underbellies or trim

Cover image: Wolf and Death by Manzanedo


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