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Flesh and Chrome


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Three times humanity has surged out into the wide blackness of the galaxy. Three times have the massive black-hole powered path-making ships gone forth among the stars so that those after them could settle distant worlds.   At first, humanity knew not what it might find. Some hoped they would enter into a thriving galactic community, filled with other space faring races. They were sorely disappointed. Humanity found itself alone in the vast expanse. They had inherited the stars, but had no one to share them with. So they built replicas, synthetic beings who could serve them, and who soon became equal in capabilities to their creators.   But the threat of beings who could surpass humanity has created a new threat to its existence. Would the synthetics living among them be content as mere servants? Would they seek to become equals? Perhaps even seek to rule?   Many humans thought the challenge to their domain was too large a risk. The last expansion left thousands unemployed on the outer rim, only to find themselves without the regime which had promised them prosperity, and were forced to compete with the synthetics for the humblest of jobs. Tensions rise. What will be humanity's fate?