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Central Area of Ä+*4~

Geographic Location

Central Area of atlds lies on the very south east of atlds, right next to the Ocean. X bay to be precise. On the east, it borders on Wasteland and it’s separated from it by the Long River river that runs across the entire continent of Ä+*4~. On the west and north it borders some of the richest districts of the state, and a large industrial area that produces many of the goods sold by various businesses here.


Central Area is one of the hottest areas of Å+*4~. Being this close to Wasteland it gets plenty of light and warmth from the yellow sun, as well as the golden sun of Wasteland. Because two suns are present nearby, it never gets really dark here. The night sky here is pink with the stars that seem to be shining black through the light of the two suns. Here you can read more about Suns.

The weather here is hot and relatively dry for most of the year, though it gets quite a heavy rain season every end of the year. Temperatures in high summer can get up to over 50˚C, and the coldest day of the rainy season was recorded to be at only 7˚C. The main Seasons observed here are hot summer, warm summer, chill summer and rainy season. You can read more details about them here.

Thanks to the Long River river, this area is full of heavily irrigated parks and gardens full of life. The area’s most notable residents are kakadus that are always ready to ruin your day by shitting on you or snatching your unattended things. But you may run into any of the other more pleasant critters of this area, including but not limited to bluebirds, squirrelmice or butterflies.


Despite heavy irrigation, this area isn’t very farming friendly. Instead, it was chosen to become the urban capital of atlds. The strict center isn’t as densely populated, but is full of shops, bars, museums, restaurants, libraries, nightclubs and more. These are on ground floors of buildings that have a few floors of spacious apartments above. It’s a busy city full of people running errands, meeting friends, going to work and back home, hanging out, having fun, eating together, or reading at a park alone. You won't see a lot of cars here, people are mainly relying on Public Transport, such as trams and trains. You can read more about these here.

As you go further out from the struct center, buildings get taller and more densely populated. Here you’ll find all the shops, bars and everything else, but this part is more business-oriented. Here you’ll find more office buildings, schools, doctors offices and hotels.

Central Area is considered to be one of the most important capitals of culture, entertainment and fashion. Anybody who is somebody lives here, or in any adjacent rich districts. Celebrities, influencers and artists have made this area their home, and they are the first ones to decide what’s in and what’s out. Many young people come here in the pursuit of the dream, in hope to be discovered by one or the other big name living here, and become the next big thing. Of course, not all of them succeed, but this city is full of opportunities for everyone and anyone can become successful and find their dream life.


Families here are quite large, 10-20 people on average, and they tend to be on the wealthier side. A lot of these families are rich kids of families from rich areas, who came here with their friends and a decent amount of money. Others are older and larger families that may have had to work harder to get to where they are now. These families live in smaller apartments next to each other in the same buildings. People here are generally friendly and open, but prefer to stick to their own families and only make friends with carefully chosen people outside of the family. As anywhere else, these families are very tight-knit and everyone helps each other and works for the benefit of the whole family. Being in Central Area, each of these families is almost guaranteed to have one of the other big celebrity in their midst.


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Central Area in comics

Great majority of BBOLJ and DANGER COMIC takes place in Central Area of Ä+*4~

Quick Facts:

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Central Area, Central
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Signature Yellow Buildings of Ä+*4~

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