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The Judgement Room


Within the compound carved into the mountain there are all two gods would need for governing a world. One of these things is The Judgement Room. This functions as its own separate establishment that contains the judgement room and several punishment rooms. Here is where everyone is judged, from criminals to those who died and are here to have their ultimate fate finally decided.

The Judgement Room

The Judgement Room was built together with the rest of the Ice Palace and has been there ever since. To this day it has seen thousands and thousands of poor souls who came here to receive the judgement. The Judgement Room itself is not much more than an icy square room, with the judge’s bench, where Glitter God and Satan themselves would sit. The person who’s being judged would usually stand in front of them. There are also seats in the room in case more people will be present for judgement. This is usually in more complicated cases where the whole family of the judged may be present as well as the witnesses in the case.

Punishment Rooms

Once the person is judged, they may be sent back into the world, straight to hell, or into one of the punishment rooms. These are small cells, each containing a cruel or unusual punishment. One of these is a plaid chamber, where the prisoner has to wear a plaid outfit and spend his time in this room with plaid walls, another is a white room, where the prisoner is wearing a white outfit and is trapped inside of a completely white room. A relatively new addition is the noise chamber. In here, the prisoner is subjected to extremely unpleasant noise for the entirety of his time here. All these rooms hold one prisoner each, and he may not leave until he is done serving his time.

The People

Only specific people may enter any of these rooms though. Besides Glitter God and Satan, only the judged or any other people that need to be present on a trial may be here. The Judgement Room also has its own employees that help out with various tasks needed for running things. These are so called “the damned”, the type of people who have already died and are in the process of reverting back to blank characters. For this reason they seem to not be entirely mole-person anymore and are considered to be more unbiased in the matters of justice, as well as not affected by silly things such as human emotion, which is helpful when you need to keep people enduring extended amount of times in these inhuman conditions in punishment rooms.


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