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Flat Earth / New World

29.7.2006 (4-3-7, according to DANGER COMIC)

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Not to be confused with the round Earth. After a world, much like the one you likely live in, was destroyed in an apocalyptic event, nothing but chunks of it floating through space was left. Glitter God and Satan, who witnessed this, decided to gather all the chunks of the old world they could find and constructed a New World out of them. Now this is it, this is your world, put though a meat grinder, poorly reconstructed and reinterpreted through a series fo fever dreams.
And yes, it is in fact very flat. There's people living on both sides, though the bottom side never turned out quite right.

This world is created for the purposes of the comics Big Book of Lame Jokes and DANGER COMIC. All the notable characters of this comic/world, are stored on What we do here is purely for fun.