FiveThrones: Enigma

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Reimagined in a familiar world - Al'Rune, Enigma is a high-fantasy post-modern setting in a fractured timeline.

The World of Al'Rune Has Changed | Repair Fate or Destroy It

  The Grand Catalyst never happened - magitek has taken over the world; magical races dominate the economic landscape & pull the strings of society. Virtua, Nation City seat of the FiveThrones & home to the most powerful magical source in the world, has become a world superpower in only a few short ages. Both the economic & geographic center of Al'Rune - the city of Virtua is the stage of The Game Of Fate - a never ending tug of war between the forces of Creation & Destruction.  

Play Your Part

  Enter your character into the world as a true, canon part of the storyline with their own dedicated character page. Your power lies within and your character may die but their soul will remain, supplanted into the heir of their fate - who can pick up their story after a period we call rediscovery. As you develop your character & participate in the storylines taking place across officially recognized sims their page will periodically be updated to reflect their progress.  

Take Part in The Game Of Fate

  As your character levels up & completes premonitions they will become more storied - the way the world reacts to their actions will change; their name & lore may become widespread; their achievements may attract more attention. The Gods, Locations, Factions & Governments have their own game systems. These systems will make them seek you out - you will become involved in their larger plots; meet new & interesting characters; your fate will become tied with them all.   Your actions affect the world. Player involvement in official storylines will lead to new outcomes & story arcs. Your achievements will be permanently etched into the world. Your character development will change how your character sees the world & how the world sees them.

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