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Joss Tallin

Joss Tallin

Joss and his father were in town to get groceries when someone let them know there was a letter for Joss at the post office. No one in his family got letters, much less him. When he read it out loud at home, his mother fainted. He was to be the Subran representative on the council of magical balance? Who could have expected such a turn of Fortune? His father shoved him gently in the direction of the lift to pack his things. Joss, regaining control of his legs, hurried to gather everything he wanted to take.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Very strong, kind of intimidating despite his short stature.

Body Features

Slightly pointed ears

Special abilities

Powerful Brawler-type Earth mage

Apparel & Accessories

Loose, simple clothes

Mental characteristics


Worked on his family's farm since before he could walk, putting produce in baskets

Personality Characteristics


Doesn't mind a little dirt, but no dirt in the food.


Social Aptitude

Shy, quiet, not used to large crowds. Well. I say shy, but it's more intimidated.


Very thick Eastern European accent

Year of Birth
20022 AU 16 Years old
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Male, he/him
Dark eyes with a bright shine
Swept-back pale silvery gray
Skin Tone
Mottled brown-on-gray
Known Languages
Subran(native), Common(fluent), Realm Standard Sign(fluent)

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