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Cera Syrene

Cera Syrene

Cera floated lazily near the mail-shell, waiting for her family name to be called. "Syrene!" She took the letters, already encased in a protective air bubble, and gracefully dove home to the deeps. Her older sister distributed the mail, handing Cera a letter to her great surprise. Opening it and reading it, she gasped, sucking water into her gills at speed. She was to be trained as the next Kirian member of the great council of balance! She dropped the letter and swirled to her room to pack.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

As her people say, a riptide swimmer. Very elegant yet powerful

Body Features

Pale blue skin, tall teal fin running down her back from her forehead to her tail

Facial Features

Kind of a Voldemort nose

Special abilities

Skilled Water mage and staff fighter

Apparel & Accessories

Long dress or skintight bodysuit.



Slight almost French accent

Year of Birth
20020 AU 18 Years old
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Female, she/her
Wide and dark, almost seal-like in appearance
None, but her fin is tall and teal
Skin Tone
Pale blue
Known Languages
Kirian (native), Common (fluent)

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