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Five Realms


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Five Realms is a working title for the story of five teens from different Realms training to become the next generation of balance-keepers(which group also needs a proper name). Each Realm is based around an element: Alta is the Realm of Air, Intal is the Realm of Fire, Midia is the Realm of Life and Balance, Kyran is the Realm of Water, and Subro is the Realm of Earth. Markhall, Twill, Kallee, Cera, and Joss are our main characters, and they are from wildly different cultures, which leads to some mild conflict early on, and bigger ones later. Alta is a paradise of floating islands. Some are the massive, mobile floating cities, hundreds of miles across, and some are only big enough to support a single tree.No one knows what's below. The last probe was dropped six or seven years ago and it's still falling. Alta is a matriarchy, ruled by a small Council of seven women. Most Altans value beauty and upholding the status quo. Markhall's mom is one of the younger members of the Council and, because she and most of the rest of Alta are so set in their traditional ways, will not accept her son as her son. He's transgender but damned if she'll even call him by his preferred name, let alone treat him like a man. For once, to be treated like a man is to be mostly ignored and treated like a pretty piece of furniture.   COMING BACK TO THIS DON'T WORRY