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Imperial Aunto

"High Lord, it would be wise if we also keep the economies of empires in check, those in Aduar with their fyrt and suon in Unala, lucky I have a solution."
-Economic counselor of the Tsukinami Empire, Gazlo

Manufacturing process

Using a common lightweight material called Azurestone and through simple and cheap smelting




After the deceleration of the Imperial Union, the idea of a universal currency started to prop-up, eventually the empires decided to create a new currency to replace everything else, although the Other Powers refuse to replace their current currency they still use it for trade with any of the Empires.


All currency in use

  • Aunto- Used in every nation
  • Suon- Used by The Moonstring Empire and Lighthammer Empire
  • Fryt- Used by The Firewing Empire, Ironwall Empire, and Dou'to Haven
  • Psilo- Used by The Simui Dominion, Stronford Force, and Wyoldvi Sanctum
  • Punce- Used by The Edorusian Kingdom
  • Ylu- Used by The Tsukinami Empire, and Castyl Reefs
  • Etl- Used by The Ashirai and Nihil Grooves
Item type
Currency & Deeds
Current Location
Owning Organization
1.30 grams per coin
21.21x1.99 mm
Raw materials & Components
Pattented Aunto Printer
Related Materials

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