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Basic Information


Curiously light bones, two wings. Can be any kind of bird-like wings, but the most common are eagle, falcon, or hawk-like. They are usually brown but can be red, black, gray, white, or even iridescent. Some wings are smaller, and others are larger, but usually, 6-foot wingspans are the most useful.

Genetics and Reproduction

They molt once a year, during summer. Not all at the same time. The feathers that fall out are repurposed in clothing and blankets.

Growth Rate & Stages

The average lifespan is about eighty years. They reach full maturity and stop growing, at age 23.

Ecology and Habitats

While it is common to find birds of prey in deserts or fields, the Chakor prefer to live in colder climates, usually where you might find snowy mountains or high cliffs. Their feathery wings are useful when it is cold, and since the other tribes couldn't survive in such freezing climate, they opted to be secluded and separated from everyone else. They mostly reside in what was once the north-west coast of Canada.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Usually blond, or light brown hair, arched eyebrows, delicate and angelic features.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

While there are smaller, less organized groups of Chakor across Canada, the main settling of the Chakor is on the north-west coast.

Average Intelligence

They tend to be romantics, as well as being very poetic. The Chakor love songs and parties. Their average IQ is around 135.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Improved sight, sometimes wind powers.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Though the Chakor bloodline has long since died out, the name of the founder is a common one (Elijah). The names will usually have many ie's, ae's, and e's.

Beauty Ideals

Roman and greecian standards.

Courtship Ideals

The more romantic, the better, as with the Chakor. Songs and many, many flowers are common in proposals.

Relationship Ideals

Lovey-dovey type thing: lots of hand-holding, romantic poetry, longing glances, and cuddling.

Average Technological Level

While they have the capacity to be technologically advanced, they prefer to stay isolated from the other tribes and somewhat in the past.

Historical Figures

Elijah Paelon, the founder of the Chakor.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Again, while they prefer to be isolated and away from the other tribes, there is nothing that specifically prohibits intertribal relationships or relations.
Caucasian, Roman, African, Icelandic
80 years
Average Height
6' - 6' 10
Average Weight
200 lbs - with wing weight
Average Length
Wingspan - 8 feet, very muscular and powerful. Good for racing, not for precision flying.
Average Physique
Greecian-esk faces, with strong jawlines and round cheeks. Many Chakor tend to be athletic and muscular.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Tan skin, that almost appears glowing. Eyes can sometimes be red, yellow, or even green.

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