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Final Kings

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The gods are dead, and have been for a while, society is crumbling not with a bang, but with a whimper. Agriculture is difficult and many villages have simply faded away, some humans simply wander into the woods, turning into beastial forms of themselves, "Beastmen" with no memory of their past lives. Another inhabitant of the world; hiding amongst the small fishing shacks are immortals. The "Undying", made with eternal life in an age long past, and made vulnerable again in a recent age, tend to avoid danger, biding their time until the end of the world.   However, the fabric of time is torn apart and rifts are opening from ages long past. Monsters, castles, history, and magic spill out into world, endangering it and providing a purpose for the dejected inhabitants of the world   Whether you're a Human looking to prove themselves, an Undying looking to go out in a blaze of glory, or a beastman searching to regain some of their lost humanity. What will you find amongst the rifts? Will it be glory or only death?