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Final Fantasy VI DnD 5e Adaptation

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An adaptation of the main plot featured in the popular roleplaying game Final Fantasy VI (originally Final Fantasy III in North America).   This is intended to be used as a complete campaign following the main storyline of the original videogame, adapted for use in a tabletop RPG setting such as DnD 5e.   The goal of this adaptation is to maintain as much of the original narrative as possible while allowing the players to have all of the freedom associated with typical tabletop roleplaying. This means removing or minimizing the role of certain characters from the source material, as well as creating new adventuring opportunities for the players.   To facilitate ease of use for the GM and familiarity for the players, some of the mechanics associated with the Final Fantasy franchise or the source material in particular will be ignored or minimized. This includes systems such as MP or Mana and the Esper system. The intent is to change the rules of the tabletop sytem as little as possible.   For those unfamiliar with the story and world of the source material, the primary drive of the narrative comes from the conflict between the expansionist Empire and the resistance force known as the Returners. The world has a technological level that varies between a fusion of early industrial age and magic seen in the Empire, and a more standard medieval-inspired fantasy setting common in settings such as the Forgotten Realms. The closest overall comparison in DnD would be the Eberron setting.   The storyline itself holds great promise for adaptation to the tabletop due to it's overall lack of a character focused narrative. Instead, the plot focuses on the story of the world and the events that transpire surrounding the central conflict.   One notable example of the potential this story offers is found at roughly the halfway point in the source material- the protagonists confront the primary villains I an attempt to stop a great calamity but are unable to do so, resulting in an apocalyptic catastrophe that all but destroys the world. Players unfamiliar with the source material would likely be shocked at the consequences of their failure, and may leap at the opportunity for vengeance against the now god-like primary villain.   For further details about the world, it is suggested to visit the Wikipedia page for Final Fantasy VI.   Please feel free to make use of this campaign, in whole or in part, if it seems interesting.

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