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“Stay awhile and listen. Long ago there was a war, The war of wars. The Godswar. It spanned across the star-spangled black ocean in the heavens. Gods went upon gods, race upon race, all to stop Dark Solas. This being of unholy destruction and vile-tongued deceit had but one goal. To end All. So great was his power that by the end only one World remained. Yes, our World here which you all know the scholars have named Magna Terra. Here was fought the Final Battle. This Valley in which we live was made possible by the grace of the Last Gods, who by great virtue and pure power managed to subdue Dark Solas and it is said sealed him away. But not without sacrifice. So fierce was the battle that none of the gods came through alive.”
— Kain the Teller, Aldermen of the Ancient Hunt Clan
    The world of Magna Terra is a wild one. A place of untamed wilderness. Giant beasts and dark things rule the continents. It is the only one of its kind. The kind with life. All other worlds and planes lie barren after the Godswar. But one place holds sentient life on this planet and that is Bastion Valley. Filled with unique races saved by the Last Gods the Valley stands for hope in a ruined multiverse. The Valley is vast and holds great forests, fertile fields, vigorous rivers and is surrounded by towering mountains. Flora and fauna grow wild and there is always enough for everyone.



MAGNA TERRA: Age of Bastion, Chapter 1, The Becoming

Index Card RPG

Young adults prove themselves to the clans of Bastion Valley by venturing out into The Wyld