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The Gift of Second Sight

Long ago, when the world was young and mountains were but dreams in the mind of Goddess Xira, the Zancigs ruled the earth. These large Devil's Cats had three ears, two horns, and the power to bend the minds of others to its will such that none could stand against them.   The Redaxx were a young people then, clever of thought and adept with tools, but this only made them more popular with the Zancig who would use its powers to force the Redaxx to use their skills to the benefit of the cats.   The Goddess Patheia took pity on the Redaxx, and so one day she crept up to the sleeping Zancigs and carefully removed from each the ear that heard the thoughts of others. This she gifted to the male Redaxx, allowing them to hear the cats' intentions.   Patheia also removed from each cat one horn, carefully grinding them and reforming them into helmets which she gifted to each female Redaxx to defend themselves from the mind control of the Devil's Cats. In this way the men could alert their families to attacks from the Zancig while the women could guard their minds and their families from the mental intrusions of the big cats.   In this way the Redaxx came to survive to thrive and multiply and become stewards of the animals around them, while the Zancigs were forced to turn their attention towards less guarded prey and relinquish their former stranglehold from the world.

Historical Basis

The Redaxx did have telepathic abilities which differed across genders. This myth claims to explain why this was the case.


A common myth among the Redaxx, this legend has faded into obscurity now due to their extinction. It is still occasionally taught to students of ancient history, and sometimes stumbled upon by acolytes thirsty for information on the Heathen Prophet to better connect with their faith.   It has slowly been gaining popularity again due to its rediscovery by the Rol'nara and their affinity to the Three Songs beliefs where the Goddess Patheia displays prominently.

Cultural Reception

This legend was told often to Redaxx youths as part of their cultural identity. It is used to explain why the Redaxx have their telepathic gifts, and why those abilities are different across genders.

In Literature

Due to the age of this myth and the extinction of the Redaxx race very few texts detailing this story remain. Present-day knowledge of the tale is only the result of piecing together fragments from various still-available sources and references.
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