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The Flower Tamer's Wedding

The Flower Tamer's Wedding tells the tale of a young horticulturist, beloved by many, who meets the love of her life during a severe famine. The town, wishing the best for their friend, rallied together to provide a large wedding feast, beginning the Rol'nara Wedding Feast Stew tradition.


The plane of Rol'na was once rural, poor, and highly dependent upon the annual harvests. One year a series of particularly severe storms caused a plane-wide famine, and it was during this famine that a beloved member of a particularly destitute village was marrying her love and wished to celebrate with the entire village.   The villagers decided to surprise their friend by cooking a large stew with the best of what they had harvested in spite of the famine, and the resultant stew was so flavorful and filling that not only was everyone able to sate their appetites but the leftover stew sustained the village for the next several days. As a result the villagers continued to combine their resources to feed the entire town during the remainder of the famine and the story of the Flower Tamer's Wedding has become a legend passed down through the generations.

Historical Basis

Rol'na truly was a poor plane prior to the founding of the Portal Exchange, with most successful residents moving to the plane of Fillimet upon acquiring the means to do so. As a result the citizens of Rol'na were essentially outcasts, building societies of the Rol'nara are fairly close knit, communities assisting each other for the benefit of all.


This myth is well known across Rol'na and used as the origin story for the traditional Wedding Feast Stew.

Cultural Reception

While the Portal Exchange has elevated the stature of the Rol'nara they pass on the memory of their former lot in life to each subsequent generation in an effort to maintain their close knit heritage. It is stories such as this that cement the importance of family and community in the minds of the people.   The world' s love is fickle, but community and family is forever.
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