Rol'nara Lullaby

The sun has set, thus ends the day
It's time to dream the night away.
So rest, be still, as there you lay
And close your eyes and sleep
— Traditional Rol'nara Lullaby


Many times the lullaby will be sung while the parent or caretaker rocks the child or rubs their back gently if the child is already laying down. Typically it is sung by itself with no musical accompaniment, although multiple musical arrangements are of course available in versions with and without words. Most caretakers prefer to simply sing by themselves for the sake of convenience.


Typically the performance of this lullaby is a private affair between the child and the singing parent or caretaker. Sometimes the song will be addressed to multiple children or even occasionally adults, and some parents and families prefer to sing the lullaby together as a family event.   Children who enjoy singing are also known to serenade themselves with this and other songs they know while playing. In these cases frequently the words are changed or jumbled with other songs or melodies depending upon the child's moods.


This traditional lullaby is sung by parents and caretakers across Rol'na to sooth little ones to sleep. Although the words specifically mention a setting sun the lullaby is also popular for encouraging children to drift into slumber for naps during the daylight hours or during wakeful fits throughout the early morning as well.
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