Qamar Goldaming

Qamar Goldaming

Oh nooooo...
— Qamar Goldaming
  Qamar is an earnest student of Magic who aims for perfection in every task. Unfortunately his efforts towards that end are not always appreciated by his tutors, and have resulted in several explosive surprises and a great many lab accidents.   Despite these setbacks, and his frequent transfers to different tutors, Qamar persists in his studies with a cheerful confidence unmatched by his instructors. His influence has resulted in a great many improvements to lab safety requirements across the Goldaming Estate. His frequent transfers have also allowed him an impressive exposure to new classifications of magic, a feat unmatched by his peers who are expected to select a single specialization for their studies.

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

While most Goldaming mages serve a single apprenticeship until declared ready to set out on their own, Qamar has been apprenticed to seven mages and his current tutor is diligently working to find him an eighth. He is a loyal student with an intense desire to learn and a relentless drive towards perfection... which has served well to identify every single safety hazard within his workspaces.   Throughout his apprenticeships he has:
  • cleaned labs so thoroughly as to remove all traces of various long-running experiments,
  • increased the powers of alchemical components through intense refinement purification processes and in turn amplified the resultant spells to hazardous proportions,
  • gifted at least three lab animals with Sapience as a side effect to his thorough efforts in caring for them,
  • discovered countless new alchemical reactions through his reorganization of shelving to conserve space, and
  • amplified spells to dizzying proportions by performing the required runework in secret as a surprise, resulting in his tutor applying them a second time.
This list is merely a sampling of his more notable mishaps.   As a result the safety protocols of the Goldaming Family have evolved and adjusted. Some of the more notable improvements:
  • Living quarters are now required to remain separated from research labs, whereas before this was merely a frequently ignored recommendation.
  • Record keeping and the labeling of experiments and samples has been standardized for clarity and convenience.
  • Alchemical reagents are now carefully separated and stored by classification to guarantee they cannot interact until deliberately combined, and the purity of each is clearly tested and labeled with applicable potency conversion tables.
  • Rune magic must remain clearly visible at all times and in some labs has even developed into a decorative yet functional art form.
  • Testing involving animals is now highly regulated. Animals must be treated as humanely and painlessly as possible, and checked for Sapience at regular intervals. Experimentation upon Sapient creatures is not permitted without their consent and understanding.
Each of these improvements have been implemented as a direct response to Qamar's enthusiasm in completing his assigned tasks. Lab accidents are at an all time low.

Intellectual Characteristics

Qamar possesses an enviable breadth of magical knowledge as a direct result of his frequent transfers between instructors. His natural attunement combined with this knowledge make him a formidable mage with unsurpassed understanding of how each discipline interacts with the others.


Social Aptitude

Qamar maintains a cheerful, supportive air to all his interactions, regardless of his present situation. As a result he is always surrounded by an aura of optimism. It would be easy to mistake him for an extrovert but he is simply comfortable in his own skin, at least most of the time.


In most interactions Qamar's method of speech remains fairly unremarkable. He speaks clearly and plainly, with a warm tone and a thoughtful demeanor.   When startled, however, Qamar has a tendency to panic. He begins to talk faster and at a higher pitch, and his usual careful word choices will slip to allow more swearing than usual. When particularly dismayed he simply repeats the phrase "Oh nooooo" with very little thought to his words at all as he attempts to resolve his latest problem.
Current Residence
The Goldaming Estate
Aligned Organization
Goals of Perfection
Qamar is driven to excel in everything. Something done once is worth doing right the first time, no matter the cost, as he likes to say.   Unfortunately Qamar's drive for perfection leads him into trouble, as he grows greedy for even better results. His efforts towards this goal end in more powerful and surprising results more often than he achieves better, more desirable results.   Undisturbed by his repeat achievements in chaos, Qamar perseveres. He'll get it right. Next time.


Author's Notes

This character was loosely inspired by Qurilion, particularly his Dark Souls runs which are currently keeping me sane.

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