Min Ocean

The Min Ocean boasts a thriving ecosystem full of life and color. Its reef systems around Khalembra are a popular travel destination, while its sea life supports a healthy fishing industry.   While the shallows of Min are well known its depths still hold many secrets, due in large part to the volatility and unpredictability of its deep currents.


The Min Ocean is nestled between the continents of Khalembra to the north and east, Ovavea and Abelore to the west, and Igoris to the south. Min is the smallest ocean in Fillimet, although the Arktos Ocean is a close second.

Fauna & Flora

Min is best known for its Coral forests along the Khalembra coasts, home of wide varieties of coral, sponges, ocean worms, fish, invertebrates, plant life, and even several species of saltwater snakes.   The deeper portions of Min have evaded most attempts at scientific exploration due to its erratic currents but one lucky expedition did locate an active deep sea colony teeming with life and unknown species of corals, clams, and shrimp surrounding a deep sea thermal methane vent. Later expeditions to better catalog these discoveries have unfortunately fallen victim to the ocean's unpredictable deep sea currents.

Natural Resources

Min is a popular fishing destination for ships departing the Port of Knowledge. The population of Martoka Island relies on the sea life of Min for a large percentage of their daily dietary intake.   Tourism has also become a staple of business in Min, particularly around the coral reefs of Khalembra. While the deep sea currents of Min are volatile, the shallow currents are typically mild and forgiving, especially behind Khalembra's barrier reef.
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