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Kogal Island

"Magic changes the creatures exposed to it." This is the Third Law of Magic, and there is no more stark reminder of the truth of this law than the corruption of Kogal Island.
  Twisted by long-term exposure to dark magic, Kogal Island is a sinister reminder of an even more sinister past. Once a picturesque island known for its bustling seaports and wool exports, the island was slowly poisoned due to secret practice of the hidden arts at Farscale Tower. Once the trees around the tower began to show their corruption it was too late, despite the best efforts of the island's inhabitants. Many managed to flee to the nearby Bramblewood Isle while others escaped to the larger Martoka Island before the darkness completely consumed Kogal in an event now known as The Calamity. The fate of those who remained behind is unknown.


Kogal is a large island surrounded by the tropical waters of the Drakonan and Lophelian Oceans. The island is fairly flat with the occasional patch of rolling hills.

Fauna & Flora

The plant and animals inhabiting Kogal Island are dark, twisted variations of species found elsewhere in Fillimet, forever a sinister reminder of the island's dark past. Poisonous and carnivorous plants dot the landscape between patches of gnarled, dead-looking trees, their roots sucking up the life force of the island itself. Zombie-like deer and rotting sheep move in small forlorn groups among the hostile vegetation, unable to die but certainly not alive. Skeletal birds crowd the sparse treetops, their tattered feathers coating the ground below even as new feathers grow to take their place among the scattered chunks of flesh still remaining on bony wings. This is a land consumed by dark magic, and the toll paid for the countless twisted experiments performed here.

Natural Resources

Kogal was well known for its vibrant fishing and sheep farming industries before The Calamity.

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