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Kambiara's Chorus

What opportunities for change do you wish to accept today?
— Singer of Kambiara's Chorus
  The Singers of Kambiara's Chorus believe in helping their fellow practicioners of the Three Songs to accept opportunities for positive change and renewal in their lives.   While they are a religious organization recognizing all the Goddesses of the Three Songs they view the Goddess Kambiara as their patron. They do not preach or strive to convert their clients, choosing only to serve as a practice of their faith.

Public Agenda

The Singers of Kambiara's Chorus believe in carrying the Goddess Kambiara's message by helping others embrace change in their lives. As a result the Singers of Kambiara provide one of the best mental health organizations in all of Rol'na, available for free to any in need.  

Stress Relief

The Singers operate a recreational day spa to allow their clients to relax and unwind from the everyday demands of life. They believe that sometimes the best way to accept change is to simply treat one's self well.   Most spas operated by the Chorus boast multiple methods to unwind, in all manner of physical, spiritual, and emotional relaxation or release. Activities are carefully selected to support the long-term health and safety of their clients.

Mental Health Services

The Chorus believes that regardless of the reason for the initial change, all people must work to truly accept the change into their own lives by changing themselves or their situation.   They teach their clients to recognize that the only change they can control is internal. Sometimes this requires counceling to grieve the loss of the way things were before and accept the new reality. Other times proper acceptance to changes requires a larger-scale change from their client, either through removing the self from the distressing situation or changing their own actions to fit the new normal.

Addiction Counceling

Sometimes the change may be external but the cause of that change internal. Addiction is one such example, where the sufferer's actions to maintain their supply will eventually drive away friends, loved ones, and acquaintances.   The Singers help those suffering from addiction confront the cause of these negative changes in their lives: themselves and their unhealthy behavior. From there the Singers assist their clients in replacing these unhealthy behaviors with healthier coping mechanisms, working towards the replacement of the actual addiction itself. These treatments require dedication on the part of their clients, with some requiring decades to work through their addictions and others never completing their treatment at all.   Also worthy of note, the Chorus defines addiction as a compulsion to perform harmful behaviors due to a psychological need for the result of those behaviors. In their definition addiction includes not only a compulsion to consume harmful substances, such as the Imperial Night Rose, but also more psychological disorders. In the eyes of the Singers an individual with a compulsion is addicted to the feelings of order when submitting to that compulsions, while a narcissist is addicted to the power they feel when manipulating others.

Criminal Rehabilitation

The Rol'nara do not believe in imprisoning those who perform crimes, instead insisting that the act of performing a crime is a cry for help from the individual, requesting assistance to change their life for the better. Rather than incarcerating those who victimize others the Rol'nara prefer to send them to Kambiara's Chorus to obtain the help they require.   Sometimes this rehabilitation requires little more than assisting the individual in locating a way to fulfill their most basic needs of survival. Other times the Singers identify an addiction as the root cause and work with the afflicted to develop and implement a treatment plan.   In cases requiring a more thorough treatment the Singers will work to help their client recognize the impact their choices have on others. Sometimes this means working with the individual's victims to confront them with the change their client has inflicted upon others. Other times this means providing their client with methods of performing reparations for their crimes, either to the victims or to society, and directly viewing how people respond favorably to decisions and actions that benefit society.   Ultimately it is the Singers' decisions on whether or not an individual can be rehabilitated.

True Change Must Come from Within

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Three Songs
Organization | Jan 10, 2021

Native to Rol'na, the Three Songs Church believes in the balance of joys and sorrows, change and consistency.

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Character | Jun 10, 2019

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Kahuna The Elder
11 Jul, 2020 20:41

Great article! The one thing that got me thinking was - if they decided someone cannot be rehabilitated, what happens?

11 Jul, 2020 21:41

Still trying to sort out exactly how this particular ethnicity would handle that.   They are a very open and welcoming people, and actually "adopt" a lot of misfits from elsewhere who are seeking a better life. So if they were originally from somewhere else they would probably just send that individual back.   That said, they are too kindhearted to want to completely give up on someone who has nowhere else to go, or someone who would be harmed in ways that would go against the culture's ethics if they would return them, and so I am still working out what would happen in those cases. I have a few thoughts - some sort of humane imprisonment, invoking the Goddesses directly, those sorts of things!

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