Jyllaru Island

Jyllaru is the large yet strangely abandoned island within the contient of Lokira. The island is home to a large variety of insects as well as various hearty shrubs and grasses, providing an attractive travel stop for migrating birds.   No large animals call Jyllaru home, and even the Feral Dragons keep their distance, although large collections of dragon bones have been discovered throughout various mountain caves on the island. The Society of Scientific Exploration and Discovery currently sponsors an archeological study to determine the significance of these collections of bones. The expeditions' organizers hope to shed light on why the island remains so devoid of larger lifeforms.


Jyllaru Island is a large, mountainous island in the continent of Lokira, formed from part of the Sliirninor Mountain Range. The island sits on the divide between the Blackguard and Drakonan Oceans, a land of rocks and mountains and craggy terrain aside from a few small beaches where the uneven coastline catches the ocean sands.

Fauna & Flora

Very little seems to live natively on Jyllaru. It is a popular stopover for many species of bird during their migrations, due to its large variety of insects throughout the island. Shrubs and grasses cling to the mountainsides.   Not much else can be found on Jyllaru. Even the Feral Dragons keep away from the mountainous island and its cave-laden peaks.

Natural Resources

The Jyllaru Bone Caves provide a tempting collection of forgotten treasures and history from the Feral Dragons who once called them home. Aside from these the island has little to offer in the way of resources, requiring the scientific expeditions of the Society of Scientific Exploration and Discovery and the Goldaming Family to bring their own required equipment and supplies.
Alternative Name(s)
Bone Fields Island
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