Hush Little One lullaby

The Hush Little One Lullaby is a popular lullaby across Fillimet, although the words vary according to cultural priorities and preferences. Most versions tend to use a similar melody, although several add larger variations to the melody to better accentuate the words or tone of the song.   Historians have been unable to identify the original version of the song. Multiple historical records at the Fillimet Magical Archives carry a similar cadence and pattern, leading some to hypothesize that the original song predates recorded history.  

Cultural Variance


Hush little Anthem, fresh as can be
Growing so sweetly right here with me
Harvests will come, and my time will too
You'll carry my memory onward with you
Past generations of Andovians are believed to lend the power of their strengths and legacies to the new generation, much as the plants they harvest. The childish nickname of Anthem is actually a play on the antheduum grain, a staple of the Andovian diet.  


Hush little Ice Cub, bundled up tight
Well fed and warm, and safe from the damp
Sleeping at peace beneath the starlight
As we travel onward to our hunting camp
Historical records show this as an old Arcturian lullaby, dating from before the War of Generations which permanently ended their semi-nomadic lifestyle and forced them into stationary defended settlements to ensure their survival. In modern times animal-based nicknames are used as insults, not terms of endearment.  
Hush little Warrior, bravest of all
Silent and fierce, just as you were taught
Dream of your might and the creatures you'll maul
As we strengthen defences against the onslaught
The constant wildlife attacks during the War of Generations did much to change the Arcturian outlook on life and child rearing. Even now, after the war, many citizens of Arcturia are protesting the conservation efforts enacted to replenish the wildlife populations and this lullaby is still popular among those circles.   Interestingly, the Frost Fae who have settled into Arcturia have received a warmer welcome than the wildlife, despite their role in enraging the wildlife to attack. Generations of training to fight against the wildlife, coupled with the fact the frost fae were largely considered a myth until the last few years of the war, is likely responsible for this discrepancy of logic.  


Hush little Darling, in Mama's arms
My love will hold you, safe from all harms
Please dry your tears and breathe slow and deep
And snuggle in closer as we fall asleep
Rol'nara homes are typically single room structures, while their households revolve around extended family. As a result it is fairly common in Rol'nara culture for young children to sleep close to their parents, and for adult children to remain in the same household to raise their own children.   Child rearing is also a family affair, with each household member participating in caring for the children. Their lullaby reflects these values of family closeness and love, and the reference to "Mama" is freely swapped for the family relation moniker of whoever is singing the song.  


During his time with Xaladreth, Paitr Goldaming discovered that even the Soulfire have a variation of the song, leading many scholars to wonder at its true age and origin. Xaladreth did admit that the song itself was not draconic but that the Soulfire had discovered it while gathering knowledge from the other races and adopted the tradition for themselves. Paitr was unable to learn their source of the song.   As Feral Dragons do not have vocal chords and communicate entirely by telepathy reducing their language to mere words is a challenging endeavor, especially since their young are not even taught words until they master the other nuances of communication. Paitr's rough translation of his experiences receiving the Soulfire lullaby is provided below. He found it quite soothing himself, although admitted this was likely due in part to his own shared values with the Soulfire, particularly the quest for knowledge.  
<A gentle calm> <The feeling of receiving pride from those around you>
<A strong sense of accomplishment after finishing a task that required a lot of effort>
<A confident but detached (not arrogant) feeling of knowing everything and being right>
<A feeling of belonging and shared community> <A sense of truly knowing those around you also know everything>
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