Andur Goldaming III

Andur Goldaming, III

Hello, my name is Andur Goldaming III. I'm 37 years old and stand 6'2" tall. I'm the party's wizard. When people see me, they first notice my piercing eyes, lithe build, and confident bearing. I wear a finely tailored cloak, well made travel clothing, and move with a purposeful stride. I'm from The Goldaming Estate where my people are known for their devotion to the study and practice of all magic. I believe in honor and justice, but my wrathful side can get in my way. I dream of traveling far and wide, making my name known to all.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Andur holds a personal philosophy that maintaining physical fitness will assist him in his own magical prowess. As a result he keeps a fit runner's build due to his regular cardio exercise routines. He prefers to walk when practical.

Body Features

Andur is fit and reasonably muscular, with a respectable endurance due to his preferred activity levels.

Facial Features

He maintains a clean shaven look, even when on the road. He carries a personal travel shaving kit with him at all times. Beards make his face itch which he finds annoying.

Physical quirks

Andur is left handed, particularly when writing. He can use his right hand for anything else if needed.

Special abilities

Andur is naturally attuned to magic to a surprising degree, allowing him to passively sense magic. The constant inputs from the magic fields present throughout Fillimet, combined with the vast array of magics and magical items constantly present on The Goldaming Estate, quickly overwhelmed him. This was a first for the Goldaming Family. After much research and frustration an expert in Antimagic was consulted and eventually hired to engulf Andur's bedroom in antimagical fields. This dampened Andur's passive magic detection enough to allow him to sleep and prevent a descent into madness from perpetual sensory overload. Eventually Andur learned to suppress this ability, even when sleeping, only relaxing his defenses when he wishes to utilize the ability. This early period of his life has left a lasting impact on his relationship with magic, although if he discusses these memories with others he mainly focuses on the shock value of mentioning his lack of magical toys during early childhood.

Mental characteristics


Andur was apprenticed to his Great Uncle Regis to obtain a broad understanding of his own abilities and magical strengths. This relationship lasted a great many years, Andur constantly testing his spellwork against the expectations of his mentor, until finally Regis declared his student ready. Andur eagerly declared his intentions to set out into Fillimet on his own, a wizard hunting for his own passions and interests in expanding the Goldamings' knowledge and understanding of magic. With the full support of his family Andur set out into his own unknown, intent to make his mark on the world.

Morality & Philosophy

Andur believes in treating others with the same levels of respect and compassion he wishes to receive from them. He was raised a gentlemen and is known to step in to assist women. He prefers to resolve conflict with negotiation rather than violence when possible, but is quick to use any means necessary to defend women and especially children from harm.


Andur will not allow a woman or child come to harm if he can prevent it. He despises drunks and avoids their company when possible.


Contacts & Relations

Andur currently travels with Adinalee seeking individuals in need of assistance.

Family Ties

Andur's mother is an Alchemist and a Goldaming by birth. She met his father, a Woodspell Diviner, on a research trip. He abandoned his former position in favor of assisting her with her research, eventually marrying into the Goldaming Family. They are still happily married research partners, best known for their work investigating the effects of magical alteration of plants on their alchemical properties. Andur maintains periodic contact with his parents back at The Goldaming Estate, detailing the adventures and discoveries from his travels. He is currently considered a student of high standing within the Goldaming family, as he has not yet selected a specialization or goal to become an official researcher. His parents are supportive of Andur's dreams, wherever they take him in life.


Andur maintains a laid back disposition in most situations, but when circumstances require he adopts a confident, commanding presence.
Current Location
Date of Birth
5714 CFE
Circumstances of Birth
Andur was born on the plane of Rol'na due to portal-induced labor. His parents were returning to Arcana after an extended magical research tour.
Current Residence
Presented Sex
Gender Identity
Bright, almost iridescent blue
Shoulder length, fashionably styled, chestnut brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Lightly tanned
6 ft 2 in
180 lbs
Andur Goldaming III

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