The motivation behind building Fillimet

I want to build Fillimet to explore everyday life in a fantasy setting. How do citizens perform their jobs and enjoy their leisure in a world where magic is commonplace and easily accessible? Character interaction and development is also important to me, so I plan to add plenty of opportunities to explore the dynamics of character and organizational interactions and how these will also shape lives and histories.

The goal of the project

I have three goals in creating Fillimet:
  1. Re-engage with my joy of writing.
  2. Build a world where I can write short stories and novels.
  3. Allow for many areas for TTRPG adventures that play into the world on varying scales. Most of these are intended for family-friendly adventures with my young daughters, and some will tie into my story writing.

Fillimet's Unique Selling point

Magic is readily accessible to almost everyone, from all walks of life. This sometimes has unforseen consequences.



Fillimet is High Fantasy, to the point that magic has become part of the everyday experience for most inhabitants.

Reader Experience

The world feels larger than the players, with varying locations providing different experiences and cultures. Focus is on the everyday and ordinary lives of the inhabitants of the world, with glimpses of the unknown underpinnings of the world to elicit feelings of wonder.   Inhabitants have some level of power over their immediate surroundings, and a large amount of agency to explore the world, but world-changing consequences require great efforts.

Reader Tone

Fillimet is Graybright Fantasy, as defined by the Tone and Settings Alignment Chart:  
A world of adventure and discovery. Often less about changing the world, and more about exploring it as it is.
— Graybright Definition
Tone & Setting Alignment
Generic article | Oct 17, 2020

Learn more about the Noble/Grim & Bright/Dark scale

Recurring Themes

  1. Magic is synonymous with Technology.
  2. Any individual can make a difference, from the most influential to inconsequential. Hope can come from any source.
  3. Secrets, some wonderful and some dangerous, lie beneath much of the workings of the world.

Character Agency

Players are a part of the world. Their actions have consequences to help change their part of the world, but they are not the answer to everything. The world is bigger than they are, and it is up to them to find their place within it and build their own sphere of influence.


Technology Influence

Magical use permeates everything and every profession, providing advancements in all areas, including efficiency and safety. Magic does come at a price, in the form of permanent changes caused by exposure to that magic.

Agriculture and Trade

Trade across long distances is much easier due to the Portal Exchange, ushering in a new age of wealth and prosperity to all participating towns and cities by providing easy access to portal travel for everyone. Smaller towns and villages strive to obtain access to the Exchange through encouraged growth (to meet the requirements for their own portal) or agreements with neighboring towns.

Arts and Culture Influence

Each location and nation has their own culture and ethnicity, influenced heavily by the history, technology, environment, and economic conditions of the area.

Everyday Life

Fillimet focuses on how people survive and live in the everyday. Extraordinary people who do extraordinary things all started as ordinary people doing ordinary things. Anyone with any background can follow their dreams or respond to circumstances requiring them to do more or be more than who they were when they began.   These are the stories I intend to tell with Fillimet.

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