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In a land of possibilities, who will you become?

My dear child, if you are asking that question you have not been paying attention to your lessons. This world is what you make of it! What should you do when you grow up? You should be who you are, and become who you are meant to become!
  Fillimet in so many ways is built upon my own heart as I work to truly discover myself for the first time. For much of my life I have been discouraged from pursuing my passions and following my soul, by the very people who should have encouraged me. After more than a decade of believing the lies that my time was better spent following the directives given to me by those who claimed to know the true me better than I ever would, I have finally picked up my pen and set forth to find my own voice, my own place in this world.   As a result Fillimet is written as a land of high adventure and everyday struggles against a diverse backdrop of species, locations, and cultures. I intend to build my world as vast, varied, and alive, with personal stories and heroic legends at every turn.   I wish to create a world of magic, exploration, and discovery, where unfamiliar backdrops slowly yield their secrets to reveal familiar motivations and relatable experiences. In many ways this mirrors my own journey of self-discovery as my new discoveries of myself mingle with the old, where everything is new and yet somehow strangely familiar.   Please join in my journey as I work to build a world where anyone can rise to become a legend with enough perseverance and determination. A world where anyone can succeed if they are willing to stand strong and face the world's struggles from without and within. A world where endings blossom into new beginnings, and hope truly springs eternal.  

The Magic of Fillimet

There, you see? The magic fields flow through all of us. You simply need to know how to ground yourself in their path, let them flow through you. Only then can you safely channel their power.
  Fillimet is a land of high magic and grand possibilities in every facet of life. Magic courses through the land in magical fields not unlike the magnetic fields of science. As a result magic is taught not only alongside science in fancy universities but also passed down through the generations in support of the family business. Magic is an unquestioned facet of everyday life for all creatures, both sapient and non-sapient. With ready access to magic comes a world full of the modern magical conveniences, where magic permeates technology until the two are inseperably intertwined.   While most inhabitants of Fillimet have ready access to magic some are born with an advantage in harnessing that power. The Naturally Attuned have a natural connection with the magical fields and can freely tap into them at will for all but the most powerful of spells. The Unattuned require a Focus to aid them in casting all spells, a non-magical item of sentimental value through which they focus their magic. A rare few have been born Unattunable, rendering them not only incapable of casting magic but also immune to magic's direct effects, frequently outcasting them from magic-heavy society.  
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Imperium is the metaphysical arcane power available to every living creature, as described in the Second Law of Magic. Some species or individuals are more easily able to tap into this resource, while others require a Focus.


Life in Fillimet

That's all for your lessons today. There's still chores to be done!   Don't look at me like that, I've been around the town long enough to recognize rudimentary Illusion Magic when I see it. Can't fool me with my own tricks, after all. Clean your room for real before supper though and I won't say anything more about it. Now off you go!
  Life in Fillimet is fairly ordinary, a kaleidoscope of diversity maintaining the everyday rhythms of life. Metalsmiths craft nails and horseshoes, families travel on holidays aboard Airships or through the Portal Exchange, and the Society of Scientific Exploration and Discovery uses every method at their disposal to answer the burning scientific questions of the day.   While there are a large variety of sapient species, from the whiskered Katanoji and Canids to the scaled Dracolings, or the social Humans to the secretive Noble Dragons, most species live in harmony with their neighbors. Each individual is their own self with their own personal motivations and desires, their own obligations and burdens, irrespective of their species or the species of those around them.

Themes and Tones

Fillimet is a bright fantasy, upbeat world full of hope and wonder. It has been known to find its own dark or somber undertones from time to time but even in these histories there is a hint of something better, and a possibility to overcome.   It is a land of adventure and revelation, full of tales of unlikely friendships, perseverance in the face of adversity, and journeys of self-discovery. It calls to the ordinary people with extraordinary dreams, whispering promises of success.   Will you answer the call?
The magic of Fillimet is governed by the Three Laws of Magic, which limit the power of the magical fields coursing through the worlds. The prudent student would be wise to memorize these laws and constantly experiment to determine their full powers within these limitations.
— University text, "On the Principles of Magic"


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