SS: The Secrets of Dragons

This summarizes the early development of Paitr Goldaming's and Xaladreth's relationship.


Knowledge and Danger go hand in hand.



Paitr Goldaming is obsessed with rediscovering Ancient Magic due to the stories claiming its powerful spells do not follow the conventional laws of magic, most notably the Third Law of Magic.


Paitr's research leads him to the Soulfire Feral Dragon Xaladreth as the current guardian of several tomes. He hatches a plan to become Dragonkin.

Rising Action

Paitr locates Xaladreth's tribe and requests an audience with her. After much insistence they agree, merely to see her reaction to the boisterous human. She finds him amusing but his arrogance displeasing and prepares to devour him.


Xaladreth is interrupted by a potential mate, a female dragon seeking to enter her courtship trials, due to commenced the following day. Paitr displays curiosity and respectfully requests information on these trials. He learns the trials are devised by Xaladreth herself and entail a feat of strength, a feat of devotion, and a feat of intelligence to test her suitors' intelligence, wit, and critical thinking.   Paitr expresses confusion that a female will be joining the trials and is told that anyone can join. He submits himself to the trials, and Xaladreth agrees.

Falling Action

Paitr passes all three trials through a mix of luck, quick thinking, and of course his powerful magical knowledge. He is not the only competitor to succeed.


Xaladreth finds Paitr intriguing and selects two mates for her current pairing, accepting him as one and naming him Dragonkin. She admits curiosity as to where he learned his current magical skills and acknowledges that perhaps the attitude she labeled as arrogance may be deserved confidence.   Paitr explains the Goldaming Family and their quest for magical understanding, adding that his quest for Ancient Magic is to add this knowledge to their extensive library collection. He offers to grant her access to this library through a traditional Goldaming ceremony called marriage in exchange for access to her tomes on ancient magic, and Xaladreth agrees on the condition that she gain access to the library before he gains access to the books. He begins planning for the ceremony.



Paitr Goldaming seeks knowledge on Ancient Magic.


Rumors have stated the Soulfire Feral Dragons have lost tones on the use of Ancient Magic. The name Xaladreth is whispered reverently as a fierce guardian of forgotten secrets.


Feral Dragons think little of the younger, weaker races and rarely impart knowledge to those who fail to hold their respect. Most encounters with dragons result in a well-fed dragon.

Moral Quandaries

Are the younger races ready for knowledge about Ancient Magic and the responsibilities it places on those who know its secrets?



Paitr Goldaming wishes to discover the secrets of Ancient Magic, and decides a Soulfire Feral Dragon may know the information he seeks, if only he could convince one to give up this knowledge.


Xaladreth is a Soulfire Feral Dragon who has amassed a considerable wealth of knowledge. She is a proud dragon and well respected among her peers.

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