Skyroot family home

The Skyroot family home is a large rectangular chromatic hut constructed of brightly dyed rope fibers from the chromatic palm stretched across a frame of dried sagewood shafts. The roof consists of dried palm fronts lashed together with the same rope. The weaving of the walls and lashing of the roof are particularly decorative and intricate due to the use of Threadmancy in their construction. In typical Rol'nara fashion the entire Skyroot family calls this hut home.  


Small circulators are carefully arranged in each corner to allow for airflow and to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the large hut. The single-room hut is divided down the center with a woven palm divider which is pulled back on special occasions or during the rain season to allow for large family gatherings inside.   One side of divided room houses sleeping mats for Papa and Mama Skyroot, as well as two of their children, Nai'a and Lyrianne. This half also contains a large stewpot and a portable heating rock safely tucked out of the reach of small grandchildren's hands, for use during the rainy season when cooking outside would be impractical. A colorful wardrobe contains the clothing and personal items of the room's residents, while the bright wicker basket tucked underneath holds a small collection of cloth, thread, and sewing implements.   The other side of the hut provides sleeping arrangements for Mama and Papa's son A'drol, his wife Tianna, and their children Gianna, No'lan, and Baby Mia'ra. A newer wardrobe against the back wall contains an assortment of clothes in adult and various children's sizes. A tattered woven trunk pushed next to the wardrobe, its colors worn from frequent handling, bulges and overflows with children's toys and treasures.  


Surrounding the Skyroot residence is a small well-maintained yard covered in rambling starflower except ner the firepit, where it has been carefully cleared away. The large firepit is positioned prominently in front of the house, surrounded by rough log benches and assorted other mismatched seating perches. A partially covered metal grating system straddles the pit, various cooking and grilling implements hung strategically from its sides for use in everyday meal preparations. Much of the displayed kitchenware is worn by age and love, the product of heavy use in many communal meals, although a newer-looking long-handled pans still retains most of its sheen, aside from the scorched fire marks along its bottom.   A large metal basin for clothes washing is kept propped against the side of the hut near one of the doors, its deeply dented shape telling its own story of love and longevity. Its resting place is surrounded on most sides by a tight circle of live Sagewood for privacy on bath days. A refuse pit containing compost clippings and excrement takes up a portion of the internal circle, carefully covered when not in use with an aromatic mat strung with the standard hinge and pulley system for easy lifting while in use. The accompanying squatting stool is stored on the mat.   Several well-fertilized vegetable gardens line the pathways leading to the hut, their plentiful produce well tended and maintained. Stakes crafted from dried sagewood shafts provide support for the more heavily laden plants while also assisting several vining varieties in keeping off the ground.   Colorful tufts of larger flowers accent the rambling starflower at points around the edges of the property, carefully placed to denote welcome to neighbors and passersby, enticing visitors and residents alike to stop and converse. An especially colorful arrangement surrounds the brightly painted water hand pump, denoting it as available for use by the community.   The entire property, from the yard to the hut, is carefully maintained and decorated to exude love, warmth, and welcome.
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