Northern Reach

The Northern Reach is a beautifully wooded stretch of Nomura, centered on the Islette River. A wide variety of wildlife can be found in the dense forests, which also provide a variety of choice woods famous across Fillimet, especially Giftwood, among the most skilled of craftsmen. The territory is ruled by the Church of the Heathen Prophet.


The meandering Islette River provides fresh water for the many villages scattered throughout the Reach. The river nourishes the three large forests of the Reach, the Winterwood Forest, Giftwood Grove, and Prophet's Woods. The mountains of the Lonely Peaks guard the northern and western edge of the reach, while the grasslands and gently rolling hills of the Andisol Valley mark its southern boarder. The Blackguard Ocean lies to the east.

Natural Resources

The heavy woods throughout the Reach provide wood as well as ample hunting lands. The Islette River brings ample fresh water to the towns of the Reach.

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Church of the Heathen Prophet
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