Lurienne Feral Dragons value devotion in all relationships, forming close-knit groups within their society. They are generous and loving towards their friends and family, periodically devising new ways to show their appreciation for each relationship.   The Lurienne are generally indifferent towards other sapient species. While they have attacked sapient species these are typically attacks of convenience when the victim wandered too close to a hungry dragon. The Lurienne have been known to abruptly end an attack if the intended victims appear to include a parent and child.


Beauty Ideals

The Lurienne believe that true beauty is a personally individual ideal, and that no explanations are necessary to explain an individual's beliefs or preferences. Beauty exists and each dragon can decide for themselves what that means.

Gender Ideals

To the Lurienne gender is immaterial, while a Lurienne's sex only matters when seeking offspring. Each dragon is considered equal in all matters, contributing to Lurienne society to the best of their strengths and abilities regardless of their personal identity.

Courtship Ideals

Courtship typically involves the courting dragon performing a feat of strength, a feat of devotion, and a feat of intelligence. Each dragon develops their own methods of displaying these traits to the best of their abilities to attract their desired partner or partners, periodically devising and enacting new methods to display each trait throughout the course of their accepted relationships.

Relationship Ideals

Relationships of all types are valued for the depths of their devotion as well as their duration. It is important for the devotion to run both ways in the relationship, and a Lurienne dragon will abandon even long-term relationships if they believe their devotion is not being reciprocated.   The bond between a child and a parent is especially cherished, as a child's relationship values are learned first by experiencing the devotion of a parent. This is why the Lurienne believe a child's devotion to their parents is displayed through that child's devotion to the other important relationships throughout their life.   Not all parent-child relationships are due to blood relations, as the Lurienne have been known to adopt juvenile dragons as their own offspring. Occasionally a Lurienne family may also adopt a non-dragon offspring, similar to the Soulfire Dragonkin, although this is particularly rare.
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