While the Khalembra Desert remains the most famous feature of Khalembra the continent is actually the most diverse on Fillimet. The largest continent by landmass, Khalembra boasts biomes ranging from dense forest to rolling meadows, and desert to saltwater marshes.


Khalembra is bordered by the Lophelian Ocean to the north, the Min Ocean to the southwest, and the Lokiran Ocean to the east. It connects with Nomura through a small peninsula known as the Coral Marsh.  

Coral Marsh

The Coral Marsh, as its name suggests, consists mostly of saltwater marshland stretching between the Khalembra Desert and the continent of Nomura. It is a popular breeding ground for saltwater fish which in turn sustains a thriving population of Parasitic Coral and a healthy variety of birds.   The Molina Trade Road snakes through the marshland, constructed mostly of wooden platforms perched above the marsh itself. Maintenance of the road platforms is dutifully performed by citizens of Molina, a small trade outpost of stilted buildings situated in the center of the peninsula. Despite the care placed in maintaining the road most traders prefer to travel between Khalembra and Nomura by boat, skipping the trade outpost and its large assortment of biting insect.  

Khalembra Desert

The vast Khalembra Desert remains the most notable feature of Khalembra, its endless miles of hot, dry sand claiming the center of the continent. The Mystic Mountains claim the center of the Khalembra Desert, their magical springs feeding the Mirage Oasis.  

Mystic Mountains

The Mystic Mountains are an anomoly of geography, an impressive pair of mountains towering over the Khalembra Desert, their peaks assisting travelers across the otherwise disorienting sand dunes more reliably than a compass. The mountains are said to be the works of magic, their heights crafted in the battle between the feuding Sisters Khalembra as they fought to the death for the exclusive affections of their Lover.  

Mirage Oasis

The Mirage Oasis lies in the southeast of the Khalembra Desert, its shimmering waters are fed by the mildly salty Weeping Dune River flowing from beneath the Mystic Mountains. Only those who have lost someone they love unconditionally can view the true splendor of the waters. Those who do not understand this sense of loss can hear the waters but will only see a mirage of heat rising from the dunes.   It is said that upon the violent deaths of the Khalembra sisters their Lover locked herself away beneath the mountains to mourn, as she had loved them both. Her perpetual tears are believed to feed the river, and many individuals suffering from broken hearts and painful losses journey to the oasis to find solice by partaking of the water.  

Wooded Penninsula

The Wooded Penninsula resides on the far west of Khalembra, its entire expanse covered in a single forest. The trees of the peninsula have resisted all attempts to tame its expanse, and scientific expeditions consistently return with notebooks full of newly discovered species, both plant and animal. Alchemists are particularly fond of these studies, clamoring for access to the latest samples for use in their experimentation.   Residents within the woods have learned to utilize the forest's own nature to construct their villages, even tapping into the Arbormancy and Anemancy fields, which are particularly strong within the region. Entire villages of treehouses defended by local predators are particularly common according to expedition records. While some communities welcome the researchers and eagerly share their traditions, most communities within the Wooded Penninsula view outsiders with suspicion.  


The southern peninsula of Khalembra is known as Tyllor, named for a now-obscure war hero of a long-forgotten empire who once claimed these lands as the peninsula as their own.  

Peaks of Tyllor

The Peaks of Tyllor guard the western coast of the peninsula along the Gulf of Min. The mountain range is popular among outdoorsmen, boasting several hiking trails, one of which stretches along the entire lenge of the Peaks. Mountain climbers of all skill levels enjoy various mountains among the Peaks for their technical climbs, and several villages have grown along the base of the Peaks to cater to these adventurers.  

Tyllor Forest

The subtropical Tyllor Forest thrives across the north of the peninsula, just south of the Khalembra Desert. The warm temperatures of the region, coupled with the cool, damp breezes from the Lokiran Ocean, guarantee plenty of rainfall to encourage a healthy diversity of plants and animals.  


The rolling hills of the Chickenbumps extend for miles along the northeast coast of Tyllor. Farming communities thrive here, nestled between the hills, as do several medium sized port towns which serve to distribute the land's wealth across Fillimet.


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Map of the continent of Khalembra.

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