Igoris Outpost

The Loneliest Place on Fillimet

The famed Igoris Outpost is a scientific base set up by the Society of Scientific Exploration and Discovery to study the life and science on Igoris, the only continent with no permanent sapient residents. Scientific staff cycle through on three year stints of study, reliant upon their single annual supply shipment and whatever resources they can safely scrounge from the land. Cut off from the world, they brave the cold and dark of the bottom of the world with only each other and a few domesticated Icefangs for company.


The Outpost is governed by the Head Scientist who is responsible for coordinating supply drops and ensuring that the daily tasks to run the Outpost are assigned and completed. The Head Scientist also has some say in local discipline and scientific assignments, although the Society of Scientific Exploration and Discovery has full authority when communications are available. Overall the scientists at the base are expected to be fairly self governing during their temporary assignments at the Outpost. Residents typically reside at the Outpost for three years, with four new members replacing each departing four person team to maintain a total of twelve science researchers at the Outpost at any one time. This ensures experienced scientists are always available to assist the newcomers in learning the important safety requirements and quality of life tips to survive their full term of assignment. For this reason each Head Scientist selects an apprentice from the rotation behind them, training them to fulfill the role of Head Scientist during the next rotation.


The greatest threat to the Igoris Outpost is from the wind. Frigid air whips across the ice of Igoris with little to block its path, so the Outpost has developed a series of windbreakers, large ice sheets arranged to divert the bulk of the wind away from the Outpost while still allowing minor air circulation. The entire Outpost is also built inside a large Rune spellcrafted to mask the base from the local wildlife. While most magic cast on Igoris is temperamental and unpredictable the defensive runes and the subsequent spells required to maintain the rune seem thus far immune to these effects.

Industry & Trade

All occupants of the Igoris Outpost are scientists in the employ of the Society of Scientific Exploration and Discovery. The majority of their recources are provided from the SSED once per year at the beginning of the next scientist rotation.


To save on costs the base is constructed largely of sheets of ice. This also allows the base to blend in somewhat with its surroundings, as much as a permanent fixture amid endless ice can blend into a barren glacial wasteland.


The Outpost itself is built in the ice planes of Igoris and, as such, is the only landmark in its own vicinity. It was strategically located within a half day's Ice Sled journey to the Igoris Mountains to allow for research into the mountainous terrain, as well.   Due to the magical instability in the area, combined with the frigid nature of the southern Lokiran Ocean, the Outpost can only be reached safely once per year, by boat. As a result the Outpost has had to learn to become self-reliant for most of the year.
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