Great Library

The Great Library houses all known magical knowledge of the Goldaming Family, including research and experimentation notes. The records are magically preserved for posterity and available for review by any Goldaming or apprentice, although some records are only available upon approval via a lengthy petitioning process due to the restricted nature of the knowledge contained.

Purpose / Function

The Great Library houses the full collection of all research and experimentation performed by the Goldaming Family, as well as information collected by them from other sources. Records are carefully organized by topic and referenced by the names of those involved in the efforts to discover or acquire the knowledge enclosed.   Items detailing all available information and experimentation into banned topics are also available in restricted categories, accessible only to those with appropriate qualifications to review the information contained, and only permitted for viewing after a series of petitions approved by the Council of Elders and other applicable interest groups. The Goldamings believe that magical information that was once known should never be entirely forgotten, but does strive to limit the availability of that knowledge in an effort to prevent further mishaps with its misuse.


The building itself is imposing, a beautiful blend of traditional architecture and magical construction resulting in a subconscious feeling that the building can move of its own volition, although none have observed any movement aside from officially sanctioned expansions despite multiple thorough studies.  

Library Interior

The building inside is multi-tiered, with each level focusing on a different classification of magic. The lower level is reserved for study and even several reservable warded rooms available for experimentation into spells detailed within the tomes. The remaining levels spiral upward around the periphery of the building, each with their own set of tables for review. Traditional stairs are available along the outer walls and powered levitation stones are readily found throughout the center of the lower level, although many Goldamings prefer to use their own skills to access the tomes, either levitating themselves to the books or recalling the books down to their research tables. All books and notes are available for handling regardless of their age courtesy of powerful preservation spellwork acquired by Paitr Goldaming in his studies.  

The Basement

Unlawful topics and tomes reside deep below the library in the Basement, a vault warded against theft and intrusion and guarded constantly by The Librarians. The records are brought individually, by hand, to a dedicated research room and removed immediately upon the recipient's completion of their studies. Copying the information contained within is expressly prohibited, with strong wards in place to enforce the rule, although many of the restricted spells may be cast within the research room provided the appropriate paperwork has been completed and approved.

Parent Location
The Goldaming Estate
Owning Organization
Goldaming Family
Characters in Location
Goldaming Family
Organization | Aug 8, 2020

The Goldaming family is the ruling family of Arcana, and also the only tax-paying citizens of the nation. They are an open-minded and multicultural family, spending their time pursuing magical understanding and expanding upon the uses of magic.

The Librarians
Organization | Jul 27, 2020

This elite military force stands between the most dangerous magical knowledge archive in Fillimet and the mages who would unleash this knowledge upon the world.


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