Illustrated Field Guide to Medicinal Herbs

Rudy's Illustrated Field Guide to Medicinal Herbs and Their Uses

I write this illustrated field guide in the hope that you, dear reader, will benefit from my years of research into the fields of medicinal Herbology and recognize the true value of the Herbalist within the field of medicine.
— Excerpt from the Forward of the Illustrated Field Guide, by Rudy Torvik


The Illustrated Field Guide contains a wealth of knowledge on the identification and usage of herbs within medicine to provide healing and pain relief. While it focuses mainly on herbs available or obtainable within the Northern Reach it also includes various plants and even some animals from across Fillimet and even a few native to other planes. The thick tome also explains how to safely prepare each item or combine them together for various healing remedies.

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Publication Status

Rudy's Illustrated Field Guide is publicly available for purchase by anyone with an interest in Herbology or Alchemy. Copies are also available from the Fillimet Magical Archives, and the Order of Abstention pushes for its adoption despite Rudy's protests against their usage of his efforts to further their own agenda. It has found recent popularity among the magic-shy population on Kogal Island who have just recently discovered the book and have eagerly ordered additional copies.

Historical Details


The Illustrated Field Guide provides a compilation of Rudy Torvik's knowledge and research into medicinal herbs and their uses. The book was published in an effort to share this knowledge among his Herbalist peers while also raising awareness of the Herbs are Healing Movement and his efforts to achieve equal recognition for herbalists within the healing professions.

Public Reaction

In the five years since its publication the Illustrated Field Guide has slowly been growing in audience and popularity among the healing profession, with many Healers adopting new basic herbal medicine for use with their Curative Magic. Among those already accustomed to basic herbal uses the book still provides an insightful view into the vast array of useful herbs for healing purposes, and more healers have begun hiring full fledged Herbalists to assist their work as a result.

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Northern Reach


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