current stones

Current Stones are rare tools used in Ancient Magic rituals in prehistoric times. The art of crafting the stones, and the instructions for their use, have been lost to time.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The stones themselves do not have any visible mechanisms or working parts, although they do emit a faint magical hum to those with enough Naturally Attunement. The present leading theory among those attempting to rediscover the use of Ancient Magic suggests that the stones were used in conjunction with ritualistic movements, first meant to ground and attune them into the local Magical Fields and then used to alter those fields to perform the desired magical effects. It is this theory which leads the stones their present moniker, current stones, in reference to their supposed use to alter the very currents of magic itself.   Other theories include the use of the stones in a manner similar to modern day Rune Magic but with more potent results due to the nature of the stones themselves and the fact it does not appear possible to drain them of their magic. Some fridge researchers believe the stones themselves to be the source of all magic, despite the volumes of scientific experimentation disproving the theory.  


It is theorized that discovery of the true usage of the stones would revolutionize the understanding and application of modern Magic by unlocking the true power of the early Ancient Magic practicioners. Some scientists caution that knowledge of ancient magic is solely found in texts detailing myths and legends of its use, reminding their fellow researchers of the embellishments common to age old stories, but even those not swept away by dreams of the glory or power of the ancient practices will admit that a new understanding of old magic will likely help modern day practicioners better harness the magic of the modern era.

Item type
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Current Stones are rare, with discoveries of new stones most common at archeological sites pertaining to powerful magicians or Ancient Dragons. They are highly sought after by any magical practicioner, and possession of at least a small collection of the stones is considered a requirement for any research organization even dabbling in the arcane.
Varies, approx. 0.5 oz to 5 oz ea
Varies, approx. 0.5 in to 3 in dia ea
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