The forecast calls for freezing rain tonight! I hope Cianna can fight off the chill.
— Ciannese call for help defending the Giftwood Lumber Mill from a suspected night raid.
  Ciannese is a series of coded phrases used to identify others working against the Church of the Heathen Prophet and pass information to those within the Resistance. To the observer the conversations appear to be somewhat nonsensical commentary on weather or current events. The coded language takes its name from Cianna's Gift, the oldest known Giftwood Tree.   References to nature and fire are particularly common, underlying the central role the Giftwood Loggers in the Resistance, and the support received from the Followers of the Hidden Flame. As most Reachmen are closely tied with the Loggers via direct employment, support contracts, or personal relationships, most outsiders who overhear conversations in Ciannese shake their head at the strange ways and lesser educations of the Reachmen.

Geographical Distribution

I wonder if the wandering river brought the rain? Perhaps the flames will know?
— Request to the Hidden Flame to look into the intentions of a traveling adventurer
  Ciannese is only used within areas under control of the Church of the Heathen Prophet, which currently encompasses the entire Northern Reach. It is most prevalent within the Giftwood Grove, as it was developed by the Reachmen of Northwood as the secret language of the Resistance.   The name is in reference to Cianna's Gift, an ancient Giftwood Tree growing next to the Giftwood Lumber Mill, and the symbol of those resistance to the Heathen Church's rule.

Spoken by
Common Phrases
It's a fine day for a conversation. Challenge phrase, spoken to a stranger wearing a Mark of Cianna.
Your friendship is as welcome as the light of the flaming sun. Response to the challenge phrase.
Cianna the Giftwood Loggers organization or the Giftwood Lumber Mill building
drunk, sober Staghorn Brewery, Cynthia Staghorn, overheard conversations
ice, freezing, frozen Church of the Heathen Prophet, or thieves and other troublemakers encouraged or hired by the Heathen Church
fire, flame, sun Followers of the Hidden Flame, or their buildings
rain trouble
river stranger, usually an adventurer, not a religious pilgrim
wind change

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Your friendship is as welcome as the light of the flaming sun.
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